10 New Years Resolutions for 2016

bwAs we draw closer to the end of another year we naturally start to plan for the next big year.

Here are Brunettebees 10 top resolutions to try for 2016:

1.  Make an effort to last in the gym for longer than 3 months

2. Start to save more from the 1st January so I can buy a home

3. Try to cut down on the fake nails throughout the year as that it can ruin your nails. (I need to try natural for at least a month)

4. Make a photo album. Last year everything was too digital which made it hard to find pictures unless it was an Instagram profile photo

5. Be positive about everything

6. Continue to practice yoga

7. Try something outrageously crazy this year ( I learnt to scuba dive) so definitely need to top that

8. I want to spend more time with family

9.  I Definitely need to spend less time watching TV shows

10. Last but not least spend more time with my girlfriends

So far that is what I am thinking of for next year. I have some big goals to aim for. Let us know what your goals are for 2016.

-love Brunettebee



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