10 Things you can Learn from a Fashion Blogger Interview with djordjevich


The Working Bees have a huge interest in fashion and how other fashion bloggers style their outfits.

We took a moment to get to know Miss Sonja from Macedonia who has an exceptional eye when it comes to fashion. She simply knows how to style her way through life!

Her outfits are well put together from high street to red carpet ready. This young blogger also knows about DIY fashion don’t you just fall in love with her by the minute.

Here is a brief Β interview from well a trend setting fashionista on the rise.
1.How would you best describe your sense of style ?
I like to be recognised by wearing clothes or accessories which other people will not dare.

2.As a fashion blogger and of course a DIY tailor what inspires you when creating your own unique outfits ?
I love to mix retro with pieces in trend.

3.Tell us a bit about your favourite brands if any at all ?
According to my budget I will say Forever 21 for sure :))

4.Do you think your style has changed from the day you first fell involve with fashion and style, if yes how so ? If not why ?
I changed my style as I changed my lifestyle. Since I moved to live in Dubai I prefer to wear more flexible clothes.

5.We loved the post you put up of the fashion inspired dress of Lupita Nyongo that you made for your sister?
The biggest challenge was that my sister is actually very skinny, so she wanted to hide that and look different. We decided the dress to be yellow cause most probably is a unique colour which not everyone will dare to wear it.

6.We are interested to see what you will be coming up with next will you fill us in on your plans what can we expect to see new on your blog ? –
I don’t have time now to have a blog. If you want to be successful blogger it requires a lot of time and effort.

7.The Working Bees primarily focuses on helping the young women get ready for work,Show us a few pieces you would wear on your ideal interview day for an office job the second one can be an outfit for your first day at work.

I’m crazy for costume pants and also love pencil skirt. All women should have couple pieces of pants, skirts, blazers, shirts and heels to make their life easier in the the mornings.

8.Last and not least share your view on how to build a working wardrobe and keep trends and styles in?
The best wardrobe is flexible wardrobe. You always need to look classy and stylish. And personally I love when the same outfit can be worn with heels and flats at same time.

9.Any advice you have for young women looking for their own unique style ?
Every woman should have her own style. People always judge you by what you are wearing even if they will say the opposite. Your clothes are reflection of yourself. You get your confidence to face the world early in the morning when you see yourself in the mirror.

10.Best tips to avoid in terms of shoes and bags ?
– Huh, I’m not biggest fan of bags but I’m crazy about shoes. Nothing can make me more happy than a new pair of shoes. I prefer to have one bag only as I have important things inside.

11.Tell us a few things about what you love in Dubai and your vision for fashion box
I love that the weather is always nice. Now because it’s a winter time I love the fact that I can mix summer clothes with winter boots or winter clothes with open toes shoes, which I will be never able to do it back home.

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