10 Ways Working in Dubai is Very Different from London Honestly these are all true

Working in Dubai now for most of the year, I have noticed a few differences from London work life. I have been across the world but have mainly been based in London most of my working life.  London work life is fast, hard, competitive and ruthless. London takes no prisoners if you’re a young woman trying to climb the career ladder. Work Hard, play hard, and that is it!

So after working in Dubai for almost a year now I have noticed a few differences between the work cultures here. These are my top ten:

  1. Working 9-5 in Dubai means you can actually leave the office at 5. In London working 9-5 means you work from 7-7!
  2. Do not underestimate the importance of going for coffee in Dubai. This is important in building up any professional relationship.
  3. Showing your knees or shoulders is not acceptable in the work place in Dubai.
  4. In the UK, if you are on time to a meeting you are late. In Dubai if you are on time you are early!
  5. Family life is part of working culture here, unlike London.
  6. In Dubai your wage is affected by what passport you hold.
  7. After work grape outings are rarer in Dubai. But that’s ok, as expat life can get hectic with social invitations.
  8. The paper work is endless here when joining a new company. You have to get every qualification attested.
  9. Dubai is a first generation corporate world. London is more developed. You have to remember this when dealing business out here. Help them grow with your knowledge, try not to get frustrated.
  10. When trying to find a job in Dubai, do not be surprised if race or gender is specified in job roles. It’s the culture here.

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