14 Ways to Improve your Relationships With Your Colleagues Do not forget that it's important to get on with people at work.

The office is full of daily challenges when it comes to dealing with people. We all come to work and try to remain professional. We get dressed up in professional clothing for the office and we try and leave our emotions at the door. Is this always possible?

The work place is still a very human place and human factors affect your work life everyday. You and your colleagues will always have strained relationships even though you are working towards the same goals. In every work place you will have clash of personalities, emotions, cultures and personal goals. Never forget its best to get on with people at work regardless how you feel. It will make your life easier in the long run. Plus you never know when you might need a favour from that person you do not like! Keep them on side. Here are 14 ways in which you can make your colleagues like you even more:

  1. Smile! This is a simple one but few people are aware of their facial expressions at work. Even though you maybe feeling happy on the inside does that show on your face? Just make sure it does as it will make you more approachable at work.
  2. Answer emails within the same day. If someone at work sends you an email take the time to reply. Even if you can not give them an answer just let them know you will get back to them. It shows them respect as you haven’t ignored it.
  3. Make a cup of tea. When you make yourself a hot drink offer one to your colleagues, It’s a nice gesture.
  4. LISTEN. This is so important in the work place. Colleagues need to know your actively listening to them. Even if you disagree  with them make sure they can see you have listened and understood what they have said. How would you feel if you could see someone at work was not pay attention to what you were saying?
  5. Do not eat smelly food in the office. It might not be to everyone’s taste!
  6. Call in Sick. I mean when you are actually sick. We are all adults in the work place and you know when you are really sick. Do not think you a hero and you will gain respect from colleagues when you are clearly ill and you come into work. They will just get annoyed with you as you are more likely to make them ill.
  7. Do not interrupt them. I am guilty of this and it is something I have to be careful with at work.
  8. Compliment them publicly. If you see a colleague has produced something that is outstanding tell them, about it. Ensure to  it is sincere.
  9. If help is asked for offer it.  Even if it’s not your department
  10.  Attack the issue not the person. If you think there is a problem, there is no need to discuss the person who made the problem. Better to offer solutions and do not attack the person as they will be offended.
  11. Make your colleagues feel important. It will give them more cofidence and they will remember the way you made them feel.
  12. Show appreciation to your team. Appreciated people feel motivated and always do more than expected.

  13. Be careful when you are new. When you start a new job you are always eager to fit in and show your worth. It is great you want to do, do this but make sure you take time to learn about your new role and colleagues. If you come in on your first day acting like you know everything you  will not be liked!
  14. Lead by example. If you want people to behave in a certain way towards you then do the same to them.

-Love Blondebee

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