5 Christmas Gifts on My Wish List This Year Please Santa? We have been good this year!

It is the most festive time of year! It’s almost Christmas.  All across Dubai you can see beautiful Christmas decorations in the malls and hotels. Some of them are jaw dropping to look at.  So it got me thinking what would be my dream Christmas gifts this year? These are my top 5 Christmas presents that are on my wish list this year. All of which will be useful for my working week.


A necklace from the range LV & ME. They are simplistic and fun making it wearable for most office wear.kate spade libby heels



The Libby Heels from Kate Spade. These heels will jazz up any plain suit. Added bonus that you can also get them in the smaller heel if you prefer!


English designer Olivia Burton has this sophisticated vintage style watch. What Working Bee wouldn’t want this?


Micheal Kors travel wallet. Classic!



The Mini Power really would fit in any handbag! Plus it’s made with biodegradable materials. Love it.

If these make the cut for your wish list share them to show others inspiration on what to get you for Christmas 2015.

Love Blondebee


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  2. The Working Bees

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