A New and Fresh Guide to Dubai Here are some of Dubai's hidden gems.

This week we asked the listeners of Dubai Eye’s popular travel and events show, The Ticket about secret hidden gems around Dubai.  Stef and Zahra shared their favourite places where they eat around the city. There was so many that they decided to make The Alternative Dubai City Guide.  You just have to try some of these places.

This is your optimal guide for new and different things to try in the city. From desert trekking to local hidden eats such as RAJU OMLET and a great diary free cafe at the CYCLE HUBB which is already one of our favorite places to eat at for lunch during the work week!

You might find your favorite places on the list too here:

The Alternative Dubai City Guide #TheTicket

Definitely try them out for a unique experience in Dubai. Have you got any more to add to the list? Are your favorite places on the list to like ours ? List us know which ones so we can try too 😉 Thanks in advance guys.

Did you enjoy any of the places from this list?

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