Fashion meets personality through Brunettebee

The brunettebee is an expat from Zimbabwe and has been living in Dubai for four years.

Still trying to figure out her personal dislikes and likes

How it all begun (The Working Bees)…..

Brunettebee got the dream job and could not wait to get to work for her very first day, until she realised she did not have a clue what to wear to work! No Idea!

She was confused and feeling overwhelmed just by what she might wear on her first day. She wanted to make the right impression. Her identity changed from student to employee as she tried to discover her everyday work outfit and style. Looking for the right inspiration of what to wear and what not to wear lead her to write a blog about work life and fashion for those who may not have the confidence or rather those who would like a place to find some inspiration for work looks.

Appearance is everything! People do judge how you present yourself in the workplace. Our aim is to empower woman through fashion.