This is the story of Busybee:

Year 1993… The doctor said: ” Congratulations it is a girl”…well things did not really went on that way.. The small baby never showed interested to play with “girly toys”. She would usually seat next to her father who was an electro engineer and just watch him for hours and hours fixing things. As she grew up she learned how to use every machine that her dad had. Her grandparents were not really happy about that since she started to open the TV or the Radio and check what is inside.

She loved doing this but also followed her mothers footsteps and took an interest in make up and clothes.

Once was time for her to move to high school, she decided to follow a career electro programming.  As she started she thought that this might have not been the right choice for her. Wanting to make changes in her life, she took a different direction. Wanting to be more creative  she would spend hours and hours sewing clothes for herself or following her Dad on his projects. Struggling between fashion and design, the final decision was made when her Father bought an derelict attic on the top of a building.  Supporting her day job, Busybee finally found herself. She spent hours researching and fixing up the attic. Interior design had become her passion as it mixed together everything she had loved. This is want she wanted to do. She understood that a house is more than a building its a home. Home is where the heart is. Everyone that lives in this build leaves an imprint on it trying to build a small kingdom of happiness.

After some time Busybee moved to Dubai, where she finally started to study about Interior Design. Now she is going to share all her knowledge, tips and advice with you.

Xoxo BusyBee