Are You in Control of Your Digital Foot Print? How conscious are you of your digital trail that you are leaving behind?

We all live in the digital age. The working woman connects, speaks, socialises and works in the digital world. You can not avoid it any more. Text speak (as in terms LOL and many others) and Social media updates have now become part of our daily life….hourly for some.  We use the digital world as easily as we would have a casual dinner conversation. How much thought are you putting into  what you post online? Do you plan what you post on your personal social media pages? Should you? (I think so) As we sink deeper into this digital world more and more employers are turning to our online profiles before they read any more of our CV`s. Some companies even ask you to send in your social media pages as part of the applications. With this in mind…would you want your new boss to see your digital foot print?

Social Media impact our Career?

Does Social Media Impact our Career?

What is your digital foot print?

Your digital footprint is your digital trace that you leave out in the big world wide web. It’s text, images or content you leave online that people are able to see. It’s that photo your best friend posted on Facebook, it’s your video you upload to Snapchat, the complaint you made on Twitter and the skill you listed on your LinkedIn. Where ever you touch the digital world you leave a scent and that scent is traceable back to your name and identity.

Why you need to control your digital foot print.

Many of us take care how we speak to others, how we dress and generally how we present ourself in public. Yet why do so many of us not do the same with our online presence? We all now live our life intertwined though technology and digital media.

A study in 2015  conducted by  Lancaster University, the University of Lincoln and the University of the West of England revealed that on average we look at our phones 85 times a day.

We can no longer avoid the importance of having a digital profile, it is essential for your personal and professional life. You have to control it the same way we control our behaviour in life. Others will judge you for what you upload online. If you take a look at your Social media profiles  now. Are you happy with what is on there? Imagine you are someone who is living in 2200, You are looking online at your social media pages and trying to picture what this person is like and how they lived in 2016. Do you like what you see? Are you happy with the impression you are giving off?

If you answer NO to any of those questions then you need to change it.

Are employers looking at my digital foot prints?

YES THEY ARE! In 2014 a major American recruiting platform conducted a survey an revealed some interesting results. They concluded that 93% of HR managers scan your social media pages before making a recruiting decision. Make sure all your online profiles are clean and nothing that would put off someone hiring you. Think before you tweet!

What Can I do to help control my digital foot print?

There are lots of ways you can help protect your digital foot print.

  • Do not create a social media post when you are sad or angry.
  • Never slander a person, product or service
  • Be careful of the photos of you circulating the internet.
  • If you would say it to someone face to face do not say it online.
  • Make sure you are digitally active. You want to have an online presence you just need to control it.
  • Manage your privacy settings on Facebook. You can use features that will help you control your footprint. i.e. You have to approve all photos before they are posted on your timeline.
  • Make your accounts private
  • Make sure you are clear about the image you  give off online
  • Be conscientious about everything you post and how you interact with others.
  • Never lie
  • Always give credit to others Intellectual Property
  • Think of the people you are following and adding on Facebook (Make lists accordingly to who you want to share what with do not be too friendly and to sharing)
  • Youtube watch the things you say and how you say them if you are a Vlogger it is alright to be opinionated but do not be hot headed


Just remember someone is always watching what you do online so play it safe!


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