Are You Keeping to Your 2017 Fitness Goals? New Year and gyms are always busy, but how do you make sure you do not fall off the fitness wagon in Dubai?

It’s February and every year this is when I see my motivation start to disappear for the gym. After the December I find myself, along with many others, not being as strict with myself about getting up before work and going to the Gym. When my alarm goes off now, with one eye open my mind ponders the gym? Or another hour in bed? The latter is fast becoming a more appealing option.

The key to falling into this trap is to mix up your routine. I love to do all sorts of exercises from Salsa to RPM. Dubai is a great place for me as everything is on offer and there is no limit to latest fitness trends that are on offer.  Hence my delight when L’Atelier Aquafitness invited me to attended an early morning class.

There was no pondering the morning my alarm went off to attend an aquafitness class with a twist! Imagine aquafitness mixed with RPM…….

L’Atelier Aquafitness is located on Al Wasl Road; easy to drive to with ample parking. Since the class started at 7 am and last for 45 minutes, meaning you boycott the usual morning traffic. After rocking up to L’Atelier around 6.55am, I was given some aqua shoes, shown my locker and then jumped (well stepped) straight into the pool and assigned a bike. Yes, there is a stationary bike in the pool.

L'Atelier Aquafitness 1 Dubai

A friendly and happy voice greeted us by the instructor. I really didn’t know what to expect and was concerned about getting my hair wet as I had to go straight to work afterwards. She explained the class incorporates a mix of aqua aerobics and indoor spinning on bikes that are specially designed for water activity to offer low-impact, high resistance training and we can burn up to 750 calories. Sold!

The music started, and I was ready. We started with the bikes while the instructor showed us what we should be doing on a bike on the poolside. She mixed it up with exercises in and off the bike. The class was fun, easy to follow and had a great soundtrack.

Suffering from a few sports injuries over the years and I wish I had known about these classes then as it would have been a great way to exercise due to the low impact.

If you are careful you can manage to avoid getting your hair wet.

Even though the workout was low impact I still felt like I worked hard. After the class, I had a quick shower, put my makeup on and ready to run out the door straight to work. My tip here will be to make sure you bring a bag to put your wet clothes in. You must wear active wear not swimsuits in this class. They tend to hold the water a lot more. To my surprise,

To my surprise, I stopped before I could reach the exit as there was a cute cafe serving an invigorating selection of teas and energy balls. I could resist and they were delicious. Go just to try these sweet treats.

Overall I loved the class. For me, it wouldn’t replace any of the other classes but it will add a twist to my weekly workouts.  Would you give it a try? They are fun, female-only, AED 155 per class, easy to book and being in water is a fun way to start your day. Plus, if you are careful, you can, like me, manage to avoid getting your hair wet. Making it the perfect class to fit in before your day at work.

Let us know if you try it!

-Love Blondebee


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