Beautiful Prints to Add to Your Work Wardrobe Find out how one fashion brand has used the Royal inspiration for their tastes collections.

Let us introduce to you a classic British fashion brand, Hobbs. They have a special collection, Collection N.o 5,  that they have launched  this year. There are few women who know about this brand in the UAE, making it a great way to add some unique pieces to your work wear.

The British have always been admired for their style. The British Royal Family are no exception to that. Queen Elizabeth II has always shown her flare for fashion with her matching two piece dresses and jackets. Recently we saw her add a twist to her classic outfits by wearing a matching two piece mid length dress and jacket but in a bright modern green.

*the-queen green outfit


Of course we cannot forget the Duchess of Cambridge, the most famous fashionista in the world. Every time this young lady is spotted wearing any piece from a high street shop it sells out INSTANTLY! Hobbs is one of her go to brands.

**Kate Middleton Hobbs outfit

Hobbs is a classic British brand that was founded in London in 1981. They have classic prints and staple pieces that would be perfect in any corporate setting. Their pieces are quite essentially British in style and modest.

In April 2016 Hobbs collaborated with the royal gardens at the famous Hampton Court Palace in the UK. Designers illustrated inspiration from the gardens that are over 500 years old. The result? Stunning pieces that can add zest to your work wardrobe. The prints are unique and unlike anything else I have seen in Dubai. From this collection there are beautiful dresses, jackets, tops, cardigans, skirts and accessories. The collection is full of floral prints on beautiful cotton and silk. The designers have really captured  the essence and beauty of these royal gardens.

In the UK Hobbs is a very well known brand, yet in Dubai I feel it is a well kept secret. This is good news for you as it means you can shop for your work wardrobe knowing that other colleagues in your office will be wearing the same pieces as you. You will also be a trend setter with your knowledge about this unspoken brand in Dubai.

Hobbs have two small stores in Dubai, Mercato Mall and Dubai Festival City. The best thing about Hobbs is that you can order their entire range online and they deliver directly to the UAE. You can view the rest of the collection on their website. We must warn you, you might not be able to avoid ordering : )

-Love Blondebee

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