Common Curtesy or the Right Thing to Do? Thank You Emails

After a few stressful weeks of recruiting, I was used to seeing emails come in every minute of the day demanding (nicely?) progress amongst other things.

Then, one night I received an email thanking me for being a person on the other end of the recruitment table.  This was from a candidate who received a rejection email.  Wow, how absolutely uplifting and emotional rewarding I immediately felt.  My spirits which had been plummeting to a dangerous low immediately rose to extraordinary lengths again.  It was one candidate out of hundreds but I felt rewarded for being praised for being human.  Mission accomplished for one person!

My mother brought us up to mind our P’s and Q’s.  For those who don’t know them, it’s the please and thank you’s in life.  Where have the P’s and Q’s gone?  I sometimes think they have disappeared from our vocabulary and been replaced by “give me”.  P’s and Q’s are not history people – they are still around and should be part of our daily bread.  A simple thank you can mean the world to the person receiving it and not just in Recruitment – in daily life.

I challenge you all to try incorporating your P’s and Q’s immediately whether it is via email; to the person who allowed you to get into the lift first, to the smallest gesture given to you.  Not just to the Recruiter or to the people who interviewed you.  Try it – you will also immediately feel good!

Until next time!

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