Linkedin Users Should Avoid Doing This Looking for a job? Are you making this mistake on Linkedin?

Linkedin the social platform,that brings recruiters, employers, employees and industry experts together. It is great for so many different reasons.
We at The Workingbees are huge fans of Linkedin and if you do not have a Linkedin profile yet then we insist in creating one right now…GO!

For those of you who are on Linkedin in and are constantly updating your profile or growing your network then this is for you. Linkedin is a great tool when job hunting, especially here in Dubai.

Lately I have noticed people on the job hunt going a certain extra mile which may be great but it can also be counter productive. We spoke to HR experts about this issue and if  it annoyed recruiters? When we raised our concerns to them, they were all in agreement that this mistake can actually hurt your chances of getting to interview.

I appreciate that you have researched  the company you have  applied to recently but going that extra mile as to see which employees work there and are in the same field as you and leaving them a message on Linkedin asking to push your CV through may just be a waste of time, here is why.

For the last two months I have been receiving numerous connection requests from people with the same job title. For me adding people on my network is taken with careful consideration I like to connect with people in similar professions or who I have physically met, as I feel this builds a network. For example being in the textile industry and adding everyone in the sound and engineering makes no sense unless :

a) We have worked together
b)Potential Business
c) Same industry/ Job Title
d)Went to Univeristy/ School together
e) People you actually know
f) HR recruiters

Hence the reason I accepted these new connections, they work in the same role and publish really useful content about the industry. I was then only frustrated to then be bombarded with emails from my new connections asking me (politely) to bring their CV to the attention of my manager at the company as they were hiring at the moment.

Now, If my title does not mention that I am the recruiter of the role you are applying for then you are wasting your time? Also why would I recommend you? I do not know your quality work do I?

I know that you are trying to stand out, but by contacting irrelevant people on Linkedin is not the way to go about it.  If the company is not getting back to you then leave it a week and send a follow up email to the email you sent your application through than reaching out to people who work at the company that are not in the recruitment process.

In my case it only came to my attention that they were recruiting for my team from these candidates, I recall replying to one candidate saying I think you are mistaken we are not hiring! Thus proving the point I am making,  You still need to act professional on  Linkedin, If it was the the age pre-internet, you wouldn’t wait outside the companies building and asking every employee that came out to push your CV, would you?


I am actually being honest with you, it is frustrating for me too as it is wasting both of our times. However I didn’t want to come across rude. Then I remembered this story Blondebee shared with me and I thought I could end up in the same position one day!

I thought I would put it to the test and actually speak to HR about these connections. These people have gone out of their way to contact me and are keen to work for us. Which is when I thought you know what let me actually message my manager and mention their names so I did my own little job screening and profile screening and picked 2 of the profiles sent over to me (I know look at me being an HR and all).

After speaking with the HR Manager she told me she has messages on Linkedin everyday.
The sad truth is you may think you are doing that little bit of effort but actually it can be a waste of time. It is also annoying to receive emails about things I can not help you with. SO think about who you are reaching out too. Are they relevant? Do you actually know them? Can they really vouch for your work?

Be careful if you are the person putting a CV forward for another person. It will tarnish your reputation if they are not really skilled for the job you are recommending them for.

What are your thoughts? Do you think its essential to go emailing the people in the same job title as you in a future company you have applied to to get a job? ?

I would so love to hear your views and stories. Have you managed to land a job by actually reaching out to people that work in the company and asked them to push your cv through?

To sum it all up I guess Linkedin  has opened a new way of reaching out to connections. However,  it is a professional platform. Unlike, Facebook, Instagram or snap-chat, you profile and behaviour needs to be more controlled.

There are ways you can use this platform to demonstrate initiative and you can  the extra mile to help your CV stand out but  just be sensible and smart in the way you approach this. Do not just makes connections with random people; no one likes to be spammed on Linkedin, best to try and avoid this!

As always I hope that this was useful for you.

Love always Brunettebee

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