What you Need to Know Before Making your Next Career Move Things you need to consider before your next career

Are you planning on making a career move from the hospitality industry to the corporate world? Well then this post should help answer any or all of the questions you might have. It will give you a clear comparison between the two very different working environments and what to expect.

I made  this change between industries and there were a few things that surprised me along the way.

It’s true I had been warned that once I move it probably would not be as I expect it to be. Yes we all have those days when we think we are in the worst place and the grass is always greener somewhere else. We like to give ourselves hope that there is somewhere else we could be, doing better.

So let me tell you about my journey when I hung up my apron for my Mac Book,

4 years ago in my hospitality job I believed I had the worst job in the world towards the end of my time there. I could not understand why I was in the position I was in. I had spent years of study to have ended up clearing tables. I was on my next mission to do anything to get to my next step. There was career progression in the hospitality sector but I knew that wasn’t for me.

For where I wanted to be in 10 years time, this was the worst position to be in now.

I worked for long hours my body always ached and with one day off a week I knew I couldn’t cope anymore.

I just hated everything about working in hospitality when I pictured  the future it was not what I had envisioned for myself. I decided it was time to move on and get that vision happening. I thought that the best thing for me would be a 9-5 where I would not have to wear a uniform. Having to dress up like a sophisticated, educated, and empowered woman was all I look forward too.


Having weekends as my days off seemed like a life so far from reach. It was a vision of heaven to me, (The Maldives sipping on a pineapple fresh juice) I couldn’t wait to leave the hospitality world behind.

If only I could speak to my younger self then. Oh the things I would tell her. Why was I so set on the fact that everything was just wrong and never saw any of the positives. The present me now knows that is was not all I had hoped.hospitality2

Thinking over the differences and re considering that maybe that was the exact place I needed to be! Let me tell you that hospitality has a lot of perks that a corporate office does not offer and I will go over them in a way that if you are thinking of reconsidering or having a little downer you can come to this post and reflect and hopefully you will make the right decision for you

Why did I want to leave ?

I wanted to leave because I felt that the industry was not for me, I envisioned a creative life of designing and creating. The one thing I enjoyed was meeting people but that was the only job satisfaction at the time.  Also I really wanted a schedule that I could plan a life around for example a weekend. I worked so hard that all I did on off days was sleep! The shifts were too much to adjust too. I just wanted a 9-5. I also felt like I was working manual labour like on a Friday afternoon back in school and getting paid way too little!

The differences?

Visa: In Dubai most jobs provide a visa for you since most of us are expats.

Ticket : Hospitality roles usually always hire from your home country and as a reward for completing your contract you receive a ticket back home! Not all corporate jobs offer this in fact most try to get away with not providing this!

Transport: Hospitality provides transport to  work. In your salary for a more corporate role it’s broken down as part of your salary e.g. Your salary is 5k, it is broken down to 4.3 basic and 700 for transport ??? I know I felt the same way once I discovered this.

Basic: Basics are set lower in hospitality ie;1500 and Corporate from 5 (but as I said they then break it down refer to point above)

Food allowance: Hospitality provides you a meal during working duty which corporate does not.

Medical: Both industries provide equally fair medical but both did not cover any maternity coverage.

Accommodation: Hospitality provides great accommodation, some times on a shared basis but it is easier trying to cover transport and accommodation from a supposed 5k that corporate covers

Annual Holidays: You get 31 days from hospitality and 21 annual days from corporate (As you get one day off per week in hospitality and 2 in most corporate)

Public Holidays: this form of public holidays does not apply to those in hospitality thank you corporate world for the public holidays we pray land 2 days before the weekend (hello long weekends)

Sick Leave: 11 days paid sick days for hospitality and 9 from corporate

Applying from home: Flight ticket and pick up to accommodation. For my level corporate usually prefer to hire those already in the UAE and those that are hired from home are a more senior level.

Uniform: Hospitality requires a uniform while corporate does not!

Tips: Tips always double your basic combined with no costs such like transport or accommodation your income disposable! I have to plan and budget with my corporate role.

Degree: Hospitality looks for experience and of a high school background. Most entry level roles in a corporate environments require you to have a degree which will need to be attested.

Entry Level: Both industries hire at all levels. Though I have found for mid-management level in hospitality. It is more competitive in corporate.

Etiquette: the way in which you approach you colleagues becomes more professional than working in hospitality.

Punctuality: being punctual is a priority in the office life and in hospitality.

Routines: In an office job you can easily find a routine that works for you, certain hours of sleep, grape nights with the girls etc. On th flip side, in hospitality your hours are unpredictable

Networking: Working in hospitality you meet people and create friendships daily, being stuck behind a desk 9 hours a day is not the most social role and can become some what boring!

Living for the weekend: in hospitality every night is a Thursday night , always ready to be seen after the late night shifts. I now live for 6pm on a Thursday . No better feeling than knowing its weekend.

Natural alarm clock: Say goodbye to the sleep ins till 11am, your natural instinct wakes you up before 7 each morning even after a night out, thank you office job.

Healthier lifestyle: Working in hospitality you are constantly on your feet but always surrounded by great food to try, not to mention the 3am Mcdonald visits after a night shift. In an office job, you are able to food prep and cook healthier meals to live a better and cleaner lifestyle.



This has been my experience. My corporate life so far has always been in the design departments so it might be different with sales or HR roles. But the point I am trying to make is what ever roles you are trying to change between do not always think the grass is greener. There are always pros and cons with most jobs and you have to find out what suits you best.

Have I considered moving back to hospitality? Many times but I know that I have made the right decision and maybe growing on the ladder may take a lot longer than in hospitality but anything worth having is worth the wait. I do miss meeting new faces and socialising with my colleagues as opposed to sitting at a desk being at a computer but then again I do love a weekend.

What about you? Do you have a similar story, we would love to hear about it drop us a comment we love to chat 🙂

As always I hope that this post has helped you in your career decision to move or stay. Whatever your decision remember we are all different and what works for you is whats best! One thing I have learnt is that don’t have too many expectations take each new journey as a time to learn. You can always come back and reflect on your choices as I did. Also its important to practice patience I wish I knew that in my first job after time you will adjust and what seems hard may just be a little giggle in the future. Do not give up, be it in hospitality, art,fitness or the corporate world.

Love always Brunettebee


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