Dairy Free Lifestyle: Dessert Seems to be the Hardest Word Living with out dairy is plain sailing, until the the last course!

It has been a while since I updated you about the journey of my dairy free lifestyle, I began avoiding dairy not out of choice but due to a servere allergy.  Surprisingly, I have found the transition actually  easy, apart from one thing….DESSERTS! I use to not have a sweet tooth but now I have been cut off from sweet treats I am recurrently craving them. So where can you find dairy free desserts?

FRUIT! That is it oh and Sorbet. How Boring! I will come back to this….

Since I have discovered my dairy allergy I have found it easy to adapt my diet. Every supermarket I have been shopping in have an array of dairy free alternatives in Dubai.  The thing I was most concerned about was cost! Yes some if not most items are more expensive like soya yogurt but most things are similar in price . Which is great as it means I can bake my own dairy free desserts at home!

Like most of us in Dubai, I like to eat out a couple of evenings a week. There is something I love about getting dressed up, having great dinner conversation, and sipping on some bubbles. My mouth is always watering over delicate starters and then feeling fulfilled by a succulent main and then naturally the waiter/waitress will hand out the desert menu and 9 times out of ten I come crashing down and wake up to reality! There is nothing on the menu that is diary free! Always Cream, butter or milk! Every time this happens I can feel the five year old child inside me having a tantrum. Then I have a slight glimmer of hope as I turn to the person serving the table and ask:

“Excuse me do you have any desserts that are diary free?”

The response most of the time:


I let a little cry out inside.

I actually would like fruit but because it is always the only option I have I am turned off by it. Even the sorbets sometimes have dairy!!!

There are lots of diary free deserts in the world but restaurants do not seem to have any choice on the menu. There is hardly any option for poor little me. I have seen more effort made at local dinners parties I have attended in Dubai. One of my friends went as far as to make me coconut ice cream which was simply the best ice cream I have ever had! Everyone loved it.


So what is a girl to do when she wants to dine out? ……Skip dessert? I have made a list of a few places in Dubai that do have tasty dairy free desserts. If I find any more I will update the list so keep referring back to it. We are in this together….

  • The Cycle Bistro- Motor City
  • 77 Veggie Boutique  – JLT
  • Kitsch – Jumeirah (Cupcakes only)
  • Omina Gourmet – Jumeirah
  • Comptoir 102 – Jumeirah
  • Spill the Bean – Jumeirah
  • BeStro – Galaries Lafayette – Dubai Mall

Do you have any recommendations for diary free places in Dubai or the UAE? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

Love Blondbee

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