Dubai Theatre Lovers Will be Thrilled about La Perle Move over Las Vegas, Dragone latest show is making Dubai it's home.

Growing up with the West End on my doorstep meant I fell in love with the theatre  very quickly.  There was (and still is) always a play, musical or act to see any night of the week. Dubai is now evolving into a theatre hub which is beyond exciting for me. DUTAC, The Madinat Theatre, The Dubai Opera and now……..La Perle.

All theatre lovers who are in or visiting Dubai will be ecstatic to hear that Dragone are bringing the first ever residential  show to Dubai at the Al Habtoor Theatre. The brand new show La Perle is due to open mid-2017. This spectacular will be like nothing anyone has seen before….

Dragone has created some of the most amazing shows on earth. If you have seen La Reve in Las Vegas (a must if you are in town)  you know that Dragone pushes the human performance beyond limits and creates artistic masterpieces that leave his audiences in awe and amazement. Dragone choreographs daredevil performers with aqua stages, and state of the art technology to create a thrilling experience for the audience:

“The theatre we have built is not just a theatre, it’s an incredible machine. It’s like a special spaceship or more like an A380 plane which I have to fly!” – Franco Dragone, Founder and Artistic Director of Dragone

Now Dubai will have the one and only La Perle with 450 performances a year – 2 shows per day, 5 days a week. Over 65 artists from 23 countries are now rehearsing over 10 hours to create the show. With a purpose built aqua-theatre that holds over 2 million liters of water it will not only be the performers holding their breath during the show. I am so excited to see this show and was lucky enough to get a sneak speak of the theatre and meet with the creative team to learn what La Perle has in store for us. I just wish we didn’t have to wait to next year, but this show will be worth the wait.

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Are you excited to see this show? Have you seen anything like it before?

-Love Blondebee


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