Everything You Need to Know About My Holiday I won to Oman A Vlog on what to expect when staying at Six Senses Oman

Lets begin with how I won this ultimate holiday of a diva!

We attended the Grazia Me Stylist awards some time last year. Like most events in Dubai this one was well very lavish. The ladies were all dressed in gorgeous gowns and the men accessorized them well.

Needless to say the event was very stylish and glam of course to be expected by Grazia team.

The theme was a night in Gatsby. Anyway… upon arrival there was a Lincolin car parked with some stunning air hostess whom held a sign win a luxury holiday (I thought Maldives) since when you think luxury and holiday the first thing that comes to my mind is Maldives.

Straight away I ran in the direction to do whatever it was that needed to be done to win this luxurious holiday. Simply all I had to do was have my picture taken next to the Lincoln car and use the tag #mylincolinmoment. Not expecting much as there were a lot of social media stars in the hood I thought my chances would be slim. But I still entered because thats what I am about!

Around 10 minutes of being seated was my name not called as the winner… I was like no way to my surprise I had actually won but not to Maldives as I presumed everything related to the word luxury and holiday meant Maldives and boy was I wrong.
Turns out my holiday was to Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman, one of the other places I had been dying to go but always just seemed out of reach for my pockets. Now I had the chance to go and live la vida le loca! I had won a Lincoln to for the weekend to take me there too.

This was just too much to be real. In the end some time around November between all the planning with the resort and myself on when would be a good time to visit. I managed to slot in a time that worked for both of us except it did not work out for Lincoln. The car I had won was not available and I thought well at least I still get to go on my holiday it didn’t matter about the car. Only for them to reply saying instead of the Lincoln would I mind the Mustang California convertible!! Like wait? Whaaaat ? Do I mind?

So thats how I won the holiday and won the weekend of my life. It also happened to fall under my special ones birthday and so he got to enjoy the entire package with me.

Below is a short video on my lovely stay at Six Senses Zighy Bay:

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Long story short no matter the competition always enter whatever it is a quote by me made by me for you!

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