Fall in Love all Over Again with Dior Dior capturing our hearts

The Bees have always been Dazzled by Dior! Since 1947 French artiste Christian Dior opened his fashion house in Paris he has captured the concept of making any woman feel like a princess through his designs.

For Brunette Bee it was the iconic “Lady Dior Bag” that capture her heart. This was not just due to the beautiful design but due to the history of the bag. In the mid 90’s the late Princess Diana was photographed with the bag several times. It was her favorite! And why not? The bag really is fit for a princess. The House of Dior deceived to rename the bag in her honor, to what it is now know as today, “Lady Dior.”

Dior has always used famous royals behind his inspiration, starting with his passion for Marie Antoinette. It is should then come as no surprise that all Diors Haute Couture pieces, that are held in the fashion house’ archives, are breathtaking and artistic.

Imagine the buzz of excitement when the Bees had the chance to see miniature versions of some of the most famous Haute Couture pieces at ‘Le Theatre Dior’ in Dubai Mall.

Just beyond the Dior store in Dubai Mall, at the Fashion Catwalk Atrium you will find the entrance to the ‘ La Theatre Dior’. The theater displays miniature hand crafted versions of some of the most famous Haute Couture dresses from Dior.

Upon entrance we felt like a child walking into a toy shop for the first time. Not only were there beautiful and historic pieces of fashion twirling on display, the whole exhibition was put together with the skilled craftsmanship of an artiste.

The public are able to view 60 miniature dresses from Dior, along with features from other fashion power houses like Yves Saint Laurent. Make your way through each theatre with a different theme in each one. Make sure you take up the offer from the knowledgeable host, they have dime fascinating anecdote are the collection.

After seeing some of the exquisite Couture from the more recent collections you will be transported back in time to the days of Versailles. The feature dresses all carry that essence with them and it is clear to see Dior design that royal feel into his couture pieces from the 50’s.

Blonde Bees personal favourite Haute Couture was the ‘Cachottier’. A refined navy blue blue dress with a hint of a mermaid cut, complete with a  white silk Spencer. From the  spring- summer collection of 1951, it still look chic on any female in 2015. Classic Dior taking influences from eras gone by and making them timeless.

'Cachottier" Spring-Summer 1951

‘Cachottier” Spring-Summer 1951


Performances are on ‘stage’ at ‘La Théâtre Dior’ until 24th November 2015. The exhibition will please even the most lose fashion followers as it show cases the feminine form in all it’s beauty with Haute Couture. The dresses may be miniature but they are rich with beauty and history.

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