Hair Inspiration|5 Ways to Braid your Hair 5 Different Ways to Wear a Braid to Work

We all love Kim Kardashian whether we admit to our guilty pleasures or not that woman is a trend setter. We know we can’t keep up with every trend but at least we can try. Lately she has started the braid hair crave, from 2 braids, 3 braids, 1 braid , a pony with a braid, braids everywhere and we love a little character to our same old boring hair! What better way than to revamp our pony tail with a quick braid for work. It’s neat, and easy to do. We came up with 5 different ways you can wear a braid especially for work, or even an outing if you wish. In this post we will show all 5 ideas and get to know Stacey, Every  Monday we will release each “Look`s” STEP BY STEP GUIDE, yep! You`re welcome…

So first and fore most lets get to know the very ambitious hair stylist Stacey-Lea Adams, a  Zimbabwean born living in South Africa Johannesburg. Stacy has loved hair since she was just twelve years old, the days when she had to brush her little sisters hair for school. She followed through with her passion in 2009 and attended a Hair Dressing course at ADAS Tuition centre in Bulawayo,Zimbabwe.  A course that would normally take 3 years to complete, Stacy was eager to learn and earn so she managed to complete her apprenticeship and studies all together in just one year.How driven is she?,love this!

This was just the beginning for her fruitful career, as she decided to move to South Africa. She wanted to use her work experience and  get herself out there and learn what else the industry had to offer. Her hard work paid off as she landed an amazing job at Franco International, which opened various doors such as  a lot more training and exposure. Stacy, then grew to love cutting, styling and competition work. In 2012 she entered into Hairstylist of the year, although  she did not make it far into the competition, she did not hold back. She then did more training and entered into more competition work, one of which was Paul Mitchell Spring collection in 2013. 

In between she did a lot of photo-shoots and competition work within Franco International that also gave her a lot more experience and confidence. She built her portfolio with photoshoots, along side many other competitions,developing her skill and challenging her self.
She was fortunate to work with many stylists in her career that helped mould her into the fine stylist she is today. Where is She now ? Stacey now proudly owns her own beauty salon, named  SLA HAIR SALON. Her future goals are focused on building her own brand that will be remembered. With a lot of hard work and ambition there is not much stopping Stacey from her next big moment.  Find more each week right here on styling tips and who knows what next. We know it will be a success!


Braid Number 1

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Hope you enjoyed the post and do let us know if you tried out any of the looks.
-Love Brunette Bee

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