Hair Inspiration|5 Ways to Braid your Hair|Look 1 Step by Step Guide 5 Ways to Braid your Hair for work, step by step guide for Look 1

How to Braid your Hair Look 1

Look 1 by Stacey

A simple yet very elegant look that literally takes less than 5 minutes! Lets get the look.

Step 1: Comb out your hair gently

Step 2: With the help of a comb,make a path from across your head coming to the side you would like the braid to be  (left to right) or vice versa

Step 3: Begin the braid;separate your hair into 3 pieces of  and start braiding. As you braid the hair down keep adding some hair from the section of hair you left out and keep braiding it till you reach the back of your ear.

Step 4: Continue braiding all the way to the end of your hair then fasten the hair with a colour closet to your hair.

And there you have it a beautiful elegant braid.

STLYE TIP: Ensure you use hair spray after brushing / combing your hair into the side you will start braiding this way you will have an elegant and neat finish!

Thats Look Number 1, from Miss Stacey and Amanda Esof

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