Hair Inspiration|5 Ways to Braid your Hair|Look 2 Step by Step Guide 5 Ways to Braid your Hair for work, step by step guide for Look 2

This lovely and modern bun is super quick and easy to do,with our very own step by step guide on Look 2 from the 5 Ways to Braid your Hair for work!


Step 1: Divide hair in to two parts and tie with a hair band on each side. (With the use of a comb for the perfect middle path)
Step 2: Begin plaiting on each side and tie it at the end. (Preferably use ties that are clear or close to hair colour)
Step 3: Loosen the plaits on each side(by pulling the braid) as shown in the picture numbered number 3.
Step 4: With the use of a  bobby pin, take one plait and pin it into the opposite side and pin the hair into it. Repeat this going around the pony tails as shown in the picture .(In the form of a bun)
Step 5: Use hair spray to get rid of fly aways and to hold the plaits together . For a neat and clean finish!
Voila there you have it a sophisticated braided bun.
Special thanks to our very own hair stylist Stacy and Hair Model Amanda Esof.
-love Brunettebee


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