Hair Inspiration|5 Ways to Braid your Hair|Look 3 Step by Step Guide 5 Ways to Braid your Hair for work, step by step guide for Look 3

Look 3 by Stacey

A stylish side dutch braid in a ponytail a stylish look that literally takes less than 5 minutes! Lets start braiding away.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1- Section hair on one side from where you part your hair. Take enough hair in that section for a braid, stopping behind the ear.
Step 2- Clip unwanted hair out of the way
Step 3- Begin braiding hair from the top of the section right down to the end (behind the ear)
Step 4- Continue plait right to the tip of the hair, and tie the end so it does not loosen
Step 5- Brush the rest of the hair back into a ponytail and tie it all together with the braid.
Step 6-Take a small piece of hair out and wrap it around the pony tail so you do not see the hair tie, use a bobby pin to place the end of hair neatly.
With the use of Hair Spray to hold back any fussy hair for a neat and finished look!
For More Hair Inspiration check out our other creative ways to braid your Hair for work, styled by Miss Stacey with thanks to Miss Amanda Esof (Model)
Love Blondebee.

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