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Look 4 by Stacey

This is a modern and trendy way of braiding your hair in reverse! All the fashionistas are running to learn: “the box braid!”  While we Bees have the technique wrapped under our little fingers if you keep practicing in the precise way Stacey has guided us you will be able to rock this look! It should not take you longer than 15 mins. Look 4 is a little difficult to nail it to the “T”. With practice you can  have the whole office asking you to braid their hair in reverse!

The reverse braid can be braided into a ponytail or you use the rest of your hair and wrap the rest of the hair into a bun. (If you would like to have a guide to this just comment below)

Let’s get started on how to do a reverse braid/plait…..

How to Braid

Step 1: Section hair into two. Leaving the bottom part free for your braid. Tie/clip the top half out of the way
Step 2-: Start braiding from your neck line all the way up to the top of the section (tip:doing it upside down will give u better grip)
Step 3-: Continue braiding till the end of the hair.  Brush the top part of the hair into a pony and add the braid in to the pony tail.
Step 4-: Use a small section of  your hair to wrap around the pony to hide your hair tie. Use a bobby pin to secure it!
Special thanks to Stacey and our Hair Model Amanda Esof!
Next week this time will be our last How to Braid your Hair edition till then
-Love Brunettebee

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