Hair Inspiration|5 Ways to Braid your Hair|Look 5 Step by Step Guide Box Braid Look 5 Step by Step Guide The Box Braid

As we draw in the curtain for this fabulous 5 week display of 5 Ways to braid your hair we hope we have inspired you to get creative with your usual hair for work!
It just adds a little bit of fun to an average day at work and gets all the ladies asking “how do you braid”. This a talent thatnot many do not have!  Which is why we delivered the inspiration and insured we showcased the easiest how to guides for each style! If you missed it well no need to worry as you can always find the how to guides right here at The Working Bees.

Working a long side a talented hair stylist and model we are pleased to announce in the next few months more fun and exciting hair styles not only for work but weekend looks too!
So lets get the last but not least  Look 5 Under way, this is the  Box Braid  (This look can be done with one Braid or jazz it up like we have an rock two Braids)
Box Braid
Step 1: Section hair from the middle of your hair right down to the back
Step 2: Clip on side out of the way. Start braiding from the top of your hair all the way to the bottom of your neck area
Step 3: Repeat on opposite side
Step 4: Continue braids to the tips of hair
Step 5: Use hair ties to secure hair in place and hair spray to get rid of all fly aways!
Special thanks to Miss Stacey and  Amanda Esof.

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