Hair Styles | A Sophisticated Look for Work This hair styles looks amazing, yet so easy to do!

Hair syle for Working Women in Dubai

When ever I put my hair up like this for work I always receive  a lot of comments. Not many people do ‘up-dos’ for work but I really do believe they are perfect for the office. Why?  They look very elegant, quick to do and can even make you look professional.

The thing I love most about putting my hair up for work is that it stays in one place all day. Most mornings it’s quicker for me to do an up-do hairstyle rather than wash, blow dry and style my hair for work. The perfect style for when you wake up late and your hair is a little greasy. In fact if your hair is a little greasy this is the perfect condition for this up style as it stays in place.

This style looks amazing and is really easy to do! Give it a try.

Step 1

Start with a smooth ponytail in the middle of your head. Secure with a thin hair band, try and use one that matches your hair colour.

Blonde Pony tail

Step 2

While holding the base of your ponytail pull away the hair band by 1-2 inches. It depends on how thick your hair is. If it is thick you need to pull away a little more.

How to do a French Pleat


Step 3

Twist your ponytail then pull to your head. You will see this has created a small loop.

How to style your hair for work


Step 4

With this loop twist the part of the ponytail with the hair band under the hair.



Step 5

You should now have  part of your pony tail hanging over the top of your head: Take the rest of the pony tail and tuck it back under where the hairband is WHILE pushing the pleat forward.


Great hairstyles for work

Work hair styles



Step 6

If you have any of the ponytail still lose tuck it back under again.


elagant hair dos


Step 7

Secure with a hair comb or hair grips.

Up dos for work


Step 8

Secure  with hair spray. Voila there you have it !

A smart french pleat retro hair style



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Love Blondebee


  1. Loooooove it!!! Gonna try this at home! Hope my hair is long enough 🙂

    • The Working Bees

      Good luck! Share your pictures with us using the #TheWorkingBees 🙂

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