How to Use String Lights Outside of the Christmas Season Using hanging string lights can really add a calm element to your home.

As I have been visiting Sweden lately there is something I noticed around the Capital city, something that totally catches my eye – Hanging String Lights. Yes…. it’s too early for Christmas, but these cute string lights are used in so many different ways to add a touch of elegance to their home decor. This is something you can easily recreate in your home to add a bit of sparkle.

As you know my passion is for interior design and I am always looking for inspiration on how to add finishing touches to your home. Hanging string lights are not the newest trend  but I feel we forget how they can really change the mood of the room. I also find we are only using them for festivities  rather than all year.

I was honoured to be invited to stay as a guest in my aunt’s House in Sweden. When I entered her home I noticed she had string lights around her house. It created a relaxed atmosphere while eating and drinking. I was staying in my cousins rooms which also had the string lights sparkling away.

The bed sheets made of rich white cotton invited me in under the intimate and relaxing gaze from the string lights.

The warm glow of of string lights made me feel relaxed.

HOW TO USE LIGHTS IN THE BEDROOM Hanging String Lights cute decoration for the bedroom

I believe artificial light is as important as natural light. Light is one of the most important elements for the house. If you get bored of lamps or candles this is the way to make a changes in your house and transform a room with a simple touch of ambient light. Get inspired you do not really necessary need to

  • Wrap them above your bed
  • Add them to your mirror
  • Around pictures
  • Around a book shelf
  • Place them inside a glass vase
  • Makes shapes or letters on the wall

The is no end to what you can create with hanging string lights, whatever you decide it will the perfect addition to your home. The easiest place to get them is IKEA for sure, there are lots of shapes and designs which does not look like the typical Christmas design.

fairylights to use in your home
For about 100AED you can create a totally different atmosphere in your room. These lights are flattering and  functional, adding a calm serene feel. The perfect place to relax after a hard day at work!

Share your pictures with us on what you do with your string lights. Use our hashtag #TheWorkingBees to share them with us on Instagram.

-Love Busybee

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