Healthy Indian Food That Will Delight your Taste Buds Govinda's is a great place to find tasty healthy food.

As a big fan of the Asian Sub-Continent cuisine, I feel like I have hit the jackpot living in Dubai. Every street you turn down you see at least one establishment offering such delights. I often crave this food for my weekday evening meal. Of course many of my favourite hidden gems are over in Bur Dubai and Al Karama, this becomes a problem when travelling from the other side of the city during rush hour. What should be a 20-minute car ride turns into an hour and half nightmare.

To my excitement, Govinda’s restaurant from Karama have opened a branch on Jumeirah Beach Road in Umm Suqeim 2. Now one of the tastiest Indian restaurants is a 10-minute drive away. This is the perfect mid-week place to dine out and there are so many reasons why.

Govinda’s is a vegetarian restaurant that has plenty of tasty options to offer. Serving a range of Indian, Chinese and Italian foods there is something for everyone. What impresses me about Govinda’s is their fierce commitment to provide a menu suitable for people with special dietary requirements. Not only do they have a range of foods from three different cuisines, they have pages of different menus suitable for vegan, high protein, diabetic, and healthy diets. Great if like me you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle but love eating out. They even have a ghee free section and meal options that contain less than 650 calories. This means I can enjoy a curry without undoing all my hard work at the gym.

As you walk in the restaurant, you notice the attentive and happy staff, all of whom are helpful.  After leading you to your table, straight away you can enjoy the quaint and serene space. It made me feel fully relaxed after a hard day at work!

After we placed our order the manager surprised us with a traditional Indian amuse bouche called Panni Poori Shooter. It was fun to eat and packed full of flavour……worth going just to find out how to eat this dish!Panni Poori Shooter_2

For our main dishes we ordered a range of breads, rice and paneer curries and they were all delicious. The Hyderabadi byriani in particular was wonderful. Delivered in a huge clay pot, the presentation was only upstaged by the beautiful flavours. However, our eyes were bigger than our bellies. We were not left hungry, in fact between the two of us we struggled to finish this feast of delights. Of course we did manage to make space for dessert. It is a separate compartment after all.QUINOA BIRYANI_5


Dessert is one of the highlights for me at Govinda’s. The main reason for this is the wide range of options. I love a curry but can sometimes find Indian desserts a little too sweet for my taste buds. The Italian and Indian desserts cater for all tastes by offering a menu ranging from Rasgulla to Red Velvet cake.


One special thing about this restaurant is the ice cream. Provided by Tru Fruit, they have fresh ice cream made right here in Dubai that has no added preservatives or artificial flavourings. It is very tasty and is 100% natural. Perfect for a quick afternoon treat at the weekend in the summer heat or on a long winter walk. —-The Coconut flavour was divine!

So if you are looking for somewhere for dinner where the food is as tasty as it is healthy, this is the place. After being established for 15 years, they know how to please their guests. The best news is, if you have had a hard day at the office then why not be indulgent and let Govinda’s deliver your meal to your front door. Any restaurant that offers guilt free pleasures such as quinoa byriani gets my vote. I will most certainly be visiting Govinda’s again.


Have you tried Govinda’s in Umm Sequim or Karama? Did you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.


-Love Blondbee

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