Home Interior Inspiration: Inside a Scandinavian Home Looking for that minimalist feel inside your home?

Organised, comfortable, simple and fresh … this is definitely the description of the Scandinavian style. I recently travelled through Sweden and it made me think a lot about their interior design. I started to look at Finland, Denmark, Norway , Iceland and Faeroe Island to see what they offered for inspiration for your home.
I love this style and I wanted to share with you a home that has inspired me in Sweden……

Have you ever pass by the centre of Stockholm in the heart of Sankt Eriksgatan?  All of the buildings are of a similar style, different colours sit next to each other and tall buildings with cute windows peer down at your on the street. Usually, at night you can see light sneaking from the windows, with minimal curtains in pale colours and a sneak peak of some art through the sheer fabric. What comes to my mind is:
” I want to see how this house looks inside”.
So a friend took me to their place in the city centre. I was so impressed by the apartment located in Sankt Eriksgatan itself and excited to share it with you.
Home Interior inspiration: Inside a Scandinavian Home How to have Scandinavian Home
Usually, the main colours are neutral, beige, white and pale. What I really love about this style is the white wooden floor. Looking around this house most of the furniture is made of a wood, which is very typical for a Scandinavian place, with textiles made from a simple cotton. I love the muted green of the rug as it brings a touch of colour. The walls bring cleanliness, freshness and whiteness into the room. Like it is bringing the outside inside.  And the chandeliers! How trendy are they?
Home Interior inspiration: Inside a Scandinavian Home
how to creat Scandinavian design and style

What are your thoughts? Do you like this sort of style?


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