Get up, dress up and show up! Making your job life easier.


Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz from colleagues about being unhappy in their current jobs.  The usual lament being mostly;

“I am not doing what I was doing back home”; “I am bored because of the first reason” and, lastly, “do all companies manage this way?”.

Well, surprise surprise – we have moved out of our natural environment into a strange new one and most of us are doing different jobs because we are desperate to work and, of course it is new and strangely different.  But what happens when you have settled into your new home abroad but still feeling the same way 6 months down the line with your new job?  That is because the excitement of moving abroad has worn off and you are realizing that every job no matter where you are, is exactly the same, except you have probably changed your career path.  So, what can you do about it?  There is lots that you can do but not all of them possible especially if you are working purely for the monetary value namely; Extrinsic motivation (Strickland)

What can you do about it then?  Remember that quote: “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up!” (Regina Brett). Repetition gets you into the groove and where your body is – your mind will follow.  Unhappy employees create an unhappy atmosphere which infects every employee around them.  Unhappy employees are also unproductive employees. So, apart from showing up, change your work processes, surround yourself with positive colleagues, learn the culture, learn a new language, make new friends and above all, be happy.  You will find that when you change your attitude – your job will also get easier and your home life and your new country ergo.


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Common Curtesy or the Right Thing to Do? Thank You Emails


After a few stressful weeks of recruiting, I was used to seeing emails come in every minute of the day demanding (nicely?) progress amongst other things.

Then, one night I received an email thanking me for being a person on the other end of the recruitment table.  This was from a candidate who received a rejection email.  Wow, how absolutely uplifting and emotional rewarding I immediately felt.  My spirits which had been plummeting to a dangerous low immediately rose to extraordinary lengths again.  It was one candidate out of hundreds but I felt rewarded for being praised for being human.  Mission accomplished for one person!

My mother brought us up to mind our P’s and Q’s.  For those who don’t know them, it’s the please and thank you’s in life.  Where have the P’s and Q’s gone?  I sometimes think they have disappeared from our vocabulary and been replaced by “give me”.  P’s and Q’s are not history people – they are still around and should be part of our daily bread.  A simple thank you can mean the world to the person receiving it and not just in Recruitment – in daily life.

I challenge you all to try incorporating your P’s and Q’s immediately whether it is via email; to the person who allowed you to get into the lift first, to the smallest gesture given to you.  Not just to the Recruiter or to the people who interviewed you.  Try it – you will also immediately feel good!

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The truth versus a standard email of regret?


Last week I received several telephone calls and emails from candidates who had been interviewed for internal and external client jobs.  They wanted feedback and I couldn’t give it to them!

Despite my many attempts to speak to line managers for some action, it was futile, nothing was given to me and I felt hopeless.  I had to go back to the candidates and admit that our processes were stalling; but in an effective way.  In other words, I had to fabricate.

But, I was a job seeker for over a year in Dubai.  I didn’t get call backs, email responses and received only an occasional “sorry you were unsuccessful”.  Now that I am sitting in the recruiter’s seat – I do not want to treat candidates the same way I was treated.  Am I naïve?  Will I get jaded and cold?  Only if I carry on “fabricating”.  So, I decided no more fabrications!  Candidates deserve the truth.

I will tell them our process has stalled and to please carry on looking for an alternative job.  I will tell them their test results were poor; or their English is not fluent enough.  Yes – we will lose candidates and probably the best ones too but at the end of the day, I will be able to sleep at night.  Best of all, the company reputation will not be jaded (hopefully).

So, I did that today and was enormously rewarded.  Candidates wrote back to us saying “thank you for responding; thank you for the feedback; I appreciate your email”.  WOW – that was the right way to go.  Candidates happy, company happy and best of all, I am happy.

Do you want to hear the truth about your interview?

I would love to hear?

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How Do You Prepare for An Interview? A guide on what other people do before an interview


Allow me to introduce myself as the newest addition to The Working Bees where everything is as sweet as honey due. Which by the way is what you can call me Honeybee is how I like to go by! Bringing you the sweetest touch about everything you wish you knew from the other side of the interview table. 

Oh yes expect nothing but pure honey sweet scoop on everything HR you wish you knew. My inspiration came today when walking a potential candidate into the interview room.


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Lets explore What to Wear during Ramadan for Work!


LOOK 1 by Busybee
Dragon Mart
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LOOK 2 by Blondebee
Michael Kors Dress
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Shoes: Kurt geiger

LOOK 3 by Brunettebee
This look can be worn during usual work days but during ramadan instead of stressing why not wear your dresses that you usually do by restyling it with a shirt.

Or with a scarf as as seen on one of our other posts here
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