3 Blatant Blazers Every Woman Needs


Gone are the days when a two piece matching suit was all you needed to look good at work. Now there is much more freedom and choice to have when trying to dress for the working world. The amount of choice can sometime be daunting. SO what should you replace the smart suite with?

Now its about and mix and matching the right pieces. The Working Bees think that you need to carry three blazers in your wardrobe. These three key pieces will empower you to make a multiple of outfits

Bold Black

This is because we all have a LBD that can be smarten up and made into a corporate look with the addition of a black blazer. It goes with most other colours and can be a great way to add a contrast to a light coloured outfit.

Crisp White

A white blazer should look clean, crisp and fresh. It’s a great way to smarten up a dull outfit and you are still staying within safe boundaries of a neutral pallet. There really isn’t nothing you cannot match with a white blazer, just mind you do not spill your coffee on it!

Pop your Colour

This piece in your wardrobe is for you to have fun with. Grab a clolour that suits your skin tone and be brave with it. Just make sure the Blazer is a good fit and has a nice tailoring to it. That way no matter what colour you chose it will look smart.  If you have a natural flair for matching colours then be brave and wear it with pride. You can even go for a cool clash like pink and orange!


How Not to Dress for a Job Interview


Never judge a book by its cover! Though most people quote this and endeavour to live by it, practically it’s hard to do. People should not judge others for the way they look but when it comes to interviews this is  not always the case!

It may sound harsh but unfortunately, human mind seems to subconsciously drift in this direction . This is even more likely  in interview situations; because you are putting yourself up for scrutiny.


100 Years of Fashion Your guide to a cool summer street look


Fashion is not a new concept, fashion has always been as far as The Bees are concerned. The Working Bees love this video that explores London fashion (Plus some awesome dance moves), and how it has developed over the last century. Blonde Bee is a big fan of retro styles and always tries to incorporate them into her daily life. If you are a fan of retro styles there are so many ways you can do this! (more…)


How to Wear Eyeliner at Work Eyeliner in the workplace and how to rock it.



Eye liner is an amazing tool to help you eyes stand out. However, a tool in the wrong hands can cause disaster. How you apply your make up for work is not the same for a night on town.

Make up can make you look well groomed and presentable at work but its important to get it right. Do not over do it as you will like you are trying to get a date rather than close a sales pitch.

Follow our top tips and make sure you are not making any of these faux pas when it comes to wearing eyeliner at work.