How Do You Prepare for An Interview? A guide on what other people do before an interview

Allow me to introduce myself as the newest addition to The Working Bees where everything is as sweet as honey due. Which by the way is what you can call me Honeybee is how I like to go by! Bringing you the sweetest touch about everything you wish you knew from the other side of the interview table. 

Oh yes expect nothing but pure honey sweet scoop on everything HR you wish you knew. My inspiration came today when walking a potential candidate into the interview room.

 No surprise how flushed and sweaty orientated the candidate was as expected. 

 Moving into conversation for personal research on how candidates prepare for an  interview, to my surprise this is what I found out: 

What did you do before attending this interview to calm yourself ? Nothing  

(Surprised by the answer this got me wondering how many potential candidates do nothing before  an interview and hence end up in an interview clearly nervous and anxious……) 

Here are my answers  from candidates on how to stay calm and collected during an interview: 

  1. EAT 

  1. Google about the company 

  1. Research Salary bracket 

  1. Look at the view and take pretty pictures 

What do you do before you interview to stay calm? 

I would love to hear? 

 Till next time  

 As always love Honeybee xxxx



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