How Not to Dress for a Job Interview

Never judge a book by its cover! Though most people quote this and endeavour to live by it, practically it’s hard to do. People should not judge others for the way they look but when it comes to interviews this is  not always the case!

It may sound harsh but unfortunately, human mind seems to subconsciously drift in this direction . This is even more likely  in interview situations; because you are putting yourself up for scrutiny.

This why it is I important to nail that interview outfit. Not only to impress you future employer but to help you feel good on the day. If you feel good about the way you look then you will be much more confident and relaxed during the Spanish inquisition  that interviews now are. Anyone can understand the thought process. If you fail to make an effort for an interview, then maybe the work you produce will have no effort behind it? If you look sloppy maybe your work is too?

You are in control to remove any seeds of doubt from your interviewers mind. So present yourself and be proud of you and everything you have achieved so far. So how do you do this?

Before we even discuss how you should style your interview outfit, let’s talk the ten big Taboos not to make for any interview.

Creased Clothes

Surprisingly I have seen this a lot in interviews; Candidates turning up in clothes that have not been pressed. It looks  like you have just rolled out of bed and have made no effort at all. We are talking more than just a couple of creases that have procured from the car journey. It’s shirts that look like the skin of some one who has been sunbathing without SPF for 30 years, creased. It looks a mess, so you look like you are a mess.

Prepare the night before have all your clothes ironed, if you do not trust yourself then send them to a dry cleaners.

Un-Brushed Hair

Why anyone would want to not brush there hair format interview is beyond us. You do not have to be a hair stylist to make your self look presentable.

The smartest and easiest way to make your hair look profession is brush it and pop it into a low pony tail. If you are looking for something. Different then take a look at our easy hair tutorials.

Animal Hair

One word-lint roller! Always have in your handbag, period! It is handy for a number of situations. Plus it’s always great to have on hand in case someone else will need it. It will make you look super organised. Win, win!


I have seen candidates turn up for interviews with enough luggage to move house! Why? I have no idea. Do not bring mountains of bags with you. Just turn up with a smart handbag or a leather business portfolio. Nothing else.


“When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you can do great things.”

Bad Breath

No matter what chew gum before your interview or suck a mint. Nothing is more of putting than a candidate with coffee or morning breath

Lipstick on Teeth

This is a daily nightmare for any lady. We have all seen it and ponder for a second “shall I say something?”. To avoid this problem always have a pocket mirror on you. If you do not have one make sure you just run your tongue around you mouth,  just to avoid any embarrassment!


It seems like a given but I have seen it happen. Make sure your clothes are clean. If you can see a big stain or mark of your outfit then so can the interview. Even though it does not affect your ability to the job in hand it does display something about your presentation skills. Plus if you mind is fixated on a small problem such as that it might effect your performance in your interview.

A Smokey Smell

Smelling of cigarette smoke is never appealing, in anyway!

Toe Breaking  Shoes

Make sure you are wearing shoes you can walk in. If you have bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion then make sure you break them in before the interview. You do not want your mind to be concerned with excruciating pain of new shoes while trying to show all your amazing qualities for your new employer.

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