How to Brunch in Dubai this 2016 Introducing the latest brunch in Town.

Brunch in Dubai

Dubai is infamous for Friday Brunching and while we know Dubai very rarely falls short on delivering anything beyond wow, there is always one that still manages to take your breath away! Which is no surprise that the gorgeous brunch on the block is at, “The Palazzo Versace,Dubai”.

A 5 star Fashion hotel that has only just launched its brunch, less than 2 weeks ago. Situated on the shores of the Dubai Creek Versace delivers a historical view, which currently lacks with most high end Hotels that tend to go for the newer part of Dubai such as , Marina or The Palm. The location is a little off course but so worth the discovery and the beauty that awaits.

Brunch is held in the Giardino which is home for brunch every Friday from 1pm till  4pm.The Giardino it self is a dream to look at being so green with a lush and yet serene welcome! It makes me feel like stepping into tropical Bali all over again.Giardino Restaurant

So what exactly is it besides the name that has landed this brunch on our Blog? EVERYTHING! From the decor, to the service, to the fact that we were able to have lunch outside rather than inside! I am not a fan of going out for brunch and then being forced to  be indoors! I love to eat and enjoy being out doors considering I spend the whole week in an office,which I am sure most of you can relate to. Someone give me an outdoor life.

As we walked down the halls of the glorious Palazzo Versace, we admired the the gorgeous paintings of Versace Couture which are situated all the way down to the Giardino, who does not love a bit of high end fashion to their brunch!

Versace Coture Versace Couture

We were welcomed by a glorious setting of food from all directions, overwhelmingly  the seafood was so inviting, though unfortunately for me I suffer from shellfish allergies. My friends I was with said it was amazing, the decor made me tempted.

On the left side was a station of dishes from India, stationed in gorgeous copper cookware. The chefs were ever so friendly and invited us to try the various dishes they had to offer. The second station was more Middle East cuisine, my favourite dishes come from the Middle East, boasting with lamb shank and roast beef with roast potatoes. I can still remember the taste! (YUMMY), on the slate they had prepared some sauces that consisted of mint and lime which went well with the roast beef.

The last station was the salad bar, from Greek salad to ,moutabel, hommous, pumpkin and potato salads the list went on….  The salads were sadly the least of my favourite for some reason they just were not quite fitting.

The lobster was on display in the Middle Eastern station for grill and I still remembering trying to ask one of my friends if they would please have one just for me as it looked so fresh, and the smell just made it all the more daunting as if it were mocking me to say (“You wish you could eat me”). A friend did happen to try it and rated it well over 6 star, as expected.Versace BrunchVersace Brunch

Service was impeccable the setting of the table was well presented and the music was just the right level of sound not too loud and not too noisy. I rather prefer a music setting with a Dj playing lounge vibes rather than a singer which usually tend to go really loud and just make you feel as if you are attending a wedding.

The desert was of course over flowing with choices too, our favourite was the chocolate creme brulee. During the lunch there is an ice cream lady who walks around with a cart offering you ice cream a true Italian touch. I  did enjoy a fine pistachio ice cream.Versace BrunchVersace Brunch

Since our favourite brunch has gone with the burning of The Address Downtown, we have been on a mission to replace our brunch and well if you happen to be one of those on the look out too definitely head down this Friday and try out this amazing brunch at The Palazzo Versace, for 550 AED with grapes and bubbles or 350 for soft drinks. Enjoy an overflow of food and bubbles to go with it.

Last but not least the only slight disappointments were that the steak was over done, and they were a little slow with the drinks and clearing the plates.  Despite this I would still recommend to check this place out! Versace Brunch


Overall we had a great time and look forward to returning. Note, this is not a every Friday kind of brunch but definitely for special occasions  it’s  well worth the price.

– Love Brunettebee


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