How to do Cape Town in 4 days and Attend a Wedding Visit Cape Town what to do ?

Cape town is the most diverse city within Africa for me. I say this because it meets western culture yet remains African. Cape town is to us what Las Vegas is to Americans. Cape Town has always been one of my favourite destinations for a family vacation, well any vacation actually. The vibes are just perfect for a holiday as soon as you see Cape Town from your airplane window, you know holiday has begun!

Being from southern parts of Africa I often travel to Cape Town. Be it for  our winter holiday, new years or Christmas. This a popular time of year for tourist to visit South Africa.

Having traveled to Cape Town since I was a child it was a totally different experience when I visited in now. When I was younger the highlight of my trip was Ratanga Junction, now the gorgeous vineyards like Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Cape Town offers so much variety and choice when it comes to attractions, food, wine, safaris and so much more. I have put together a handy 4 day plan on how to see the best of this beautiful destination. Let’s face it,  the choices can be overwhelming.

So if you only have a short time in Cape Town this as I did in just 4 days this is the guide for you. It is a 9 hour  flight from Dubai, How do you do it ? I managed to do it plus attend a wedding.

Here is how I did it :

Where to Stay?

The One and Only

in Cape Town is a destination within itself. Boasting a glorious view of table mountain and probably one of the most luxurious hotels to stay at.

View from the Table Mountain Room

View from the Table Mountain Room

Location is great as it’s right next to the V &A Waterfront which is only 15 minutes away by car to the up market side of town known as Camps Bay. (Camps Bay is like the downtown of Dubai except with beaches)

12 Apostles Camps Bay

This hotel is great for those looking for a scenic view of the oceans and mountains. This hotel is names 12 apostles because its surrounded by 12 like headed mountains in a line looking like 12 apostles. This was also where I attended the wedding. A quaint and  unique hotel sitting on a slope. I might add was not so fun once the wedding celebrations begun as we were wobbling around the hotel lol!

The sunset view here was beyond breath taking. Though I personally wouldn’t stay here as its a bit isolated. I prefer to spend my time walking to shops that are near by as opposed to driving by car to get to the shops but each to their own. 12 Apostles is also a very luxurious stay.

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony @ 12 Apostles

Where to Eat ?

The Bungalow– great for views and after a nice stroll along camps bay. This is where the inner circle of cape town can be found, local celebrities enjoy this spot too.You have a great view of the ocean from here which is perfect for sunset. Great for lunch or even just a sundowner.

Food was lovely, do try the cray fish or the catch of the day. Service is average compared to Dubai they could do with some service lessons we had a minor issue with the manger but still had a great time.

Belthazar Restaurant & Wine Bar- supposed to be great for a lekker (yummy or epic) steak or game meats but didn’t really see what the fuss was about but do try just for the fun of trying ostrich steak and some game meat.

Shimmy Beach Club– this is also situated within the waterfront its supposed to be like Nikki beach Dubai kind of vibe with a restaurant and a club after the kitchen closes but I am pretty sure there are better places to attend for a night out maybe try cafe caprice rather we did not have enough time to visit but we heard that it has great food and lounge vibe going on!

Which activities ?

Helicopter tour to shark diving

Cape Town

View from above of the city

Cape Town Helicopters

Our Tour guide spotted some Whales from above which was truly magical

Our Tour guide spotted some Whales from above which was truly magical

Preparing the water before we dive in with the Great White Shark

Preparing the water before we dive in with the Great White Shark

A helicopter tour is an activity in itself and a great way to take in Cape Town. We planned to do shark diving way in advance only to find out, its 2 hour drive and as we only had a few days we hopped on a helicopter to get us there. Talk about glamourous… The ride to Gaansbai (the town where the sharks are found)  and traveled over Hermanus. Whale season was in full swing  and we spotted 12 whales, one even jumped out of the water. It’s a pity sometimes photos just dont do it justice so I will say this is an experience you have to capture with your eyes.

It was magical ! The highlight of my entire trip was seeing these whales.

Kleinbaai: The Great White House :there are a lot of tour operating companies that operate shark cage diving but the company we used was phenomenal we had an entire boat and cage to ourselves which allowed us as much time with the sharks as we liked.Advice:make sure to not eat anything before your dive or flight (helicopter flight) I suffered severely with motion sickness even after taking motion tablets so take my word do not drink or eat anything!

The 3 Grape Estates I visited:

I have to say each  estate in their own right was a sight for sore eyes. Honestly this was the most sophisticated activity I have ever done I am not a wine connoisseur nor do I plan to be but I do love me some wine. I’m not much of red wine drinker either but tasting the red wines in Rust En Vrede was something to get me on  the red wine wagon. The estate at Rust en Vrede is gorgeous and well looked after. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. I was expecting to run through the vineyards or at least pick a grape or two but that was not the type of tasting it seemed. We hired a car to get us around to the vineyards and cheetah encounters provided by the One and Only.

Rust EN Vrede Estate Rust En Vrede

Wines of Rust en Vrede

Wines of Rust en Vrede

Lush and Green

Lush and Green

Vine Yards

Vine Yards

For White Wines

For White Wines

White Iwnes

White Wines

We tried the Thelema tasting as well which was honestly not as nice as the other two but was based around the same concept you pay per glass u taste that they recommend this estate was more for white wines and they were all awful if I am being really honest.

Delaire graff we just popped in for the views and boy were they boasting with beauty! The ultimate destination for views and a true vineyard experience unfortunately we did not have enough time to do a tasting but for sure will visit again and let you know how the wines are apparently they have a spa which is fabulous and a lodge I wouldn’t mind trying out a night here looks lovely and luxurious.

Breath Taking Views

Breath Taking Views

Delaire Graaf Estate

Happiness is being in Africa

Happiness is being in Africa

Cheetah Encounter:

Honestly this was probably the lamest activity we did the cheetah was asleep and I expected to walk with the cheetah just like in Zimbabwe walking with the lions but apparently that is not safe so here’s my lame picture of me patting a sleeping cheetah hey at least I got a photo. I recommend you do this if you do not have enough time for a safari otherwise definitely do a safari instead not enough time in 4 days.
Great alternative if you do not have time for a safrai

Great alternative if you do not have time for a Safari 

Other Activities to Try:

Top of table mountain

Bo Kaap for pretty pictures

Walk long street

Boulders Beach meet African penguins

Whale Watching


What to pack ?

Cape Town is a little cooler than most cities in Southern Africa so do pack a jacket or two, pair of jeans ,3 or 4 tops that look great in photos, a dress or two for dinner, sneakers for the activities, a scarf and  hat for accessorising your look. A bikini or two though the water is extremely cold but do pack one for tanning. The rand is a lot less than dirhams so you can also do a great load of shopping so do not pack too many they do have shops like Zara and River Island there too so shop for a bargain as compared to Dubai.  Last and not least a dress of two for the day of the wedding for just incase anything goes wrong with one you have the other 🙂

The flower wall <3

The flower wall <3

How to get around?

Hotel Drivers


Have you been to Cape Town? If so what did you do and what do you feel should be added to my list? Also I have made this cool pinterest collage for you so when you do travel you can easily use it as a tour guide you’re welcome 😉

Pin it like it share it

Pin it like it share it

As Always I hope this was useful to you and hope you visit again 😉 If you wish to wish to hear about my other travels you can find them here.

Love always


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