How to Iron your Work Shirt Qucikly This is a great technique on to look sharp for work.

I love wearing a crisp white shirt for work. I often wear a shirt with a suit when I have an important meeting or presentation. The problem I have with them is no matter how long I spend ironing the white collared shirt it still looks creased. I have tried so many times to re-create that crisp ironed look but it never worked. I struggled even more with long sleeved shirts.

I was delighted with myself this week as I have finally masted the technique of how to iron a shirt. It was from this great video from T.M. Lewin. A fantastic label for professional looking shirts.  This video was so useful and I hope you find it useful too! Think about how your work colleagues would judge you if you looked like you have just rolled out of bed, or worst still, clients? You must always look your best at work as you represent the company you work for. It never looks good turning up looking messy and unkempt!

Remember the wise words of PRADA:

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language. —Miuccia Prada


-Love The Working Bees

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