How to Keep up with 2016 Hair colour trends Extensions being the answer to have any colour you wish!

You seen that granny grey! You seen the ombre! You seen the mermaid! You seen the latest balayage highlights ! We seen the latest ronze and dusty  pastels. The 2016 hair craze has only just begun and we have the ultimate guide for keeping up with the hair colour craze!

How can one possibly keep up with all these outspoken and bold hair movements ?

Lets admit it we have all seen the mermaid look going viral and if we said we were not willing to try it we would be fooling ourselves.

Us working women need to think about professional and trendy looks! What looks sophisticated and not like we are trying to keep up with a trend or stuck in our teenage era!

These gorgeous pastel colours that Kylie Jenner keeps updating can only leave our hair dry, frizzy and probably create another colour altogether ! We have all heard to horror stories of that playing too much with colour and your hair can actually lead to hair loss.

Being a brunette and wanting to have the latest purple trend, I decided to go for it! However, my research led me to discover that going from dark to a gorgeous lilac would mean ripping my hair  (I would have to bleach my hair first then put the purple colour on). These  two steps that can cause a tremendous damage to my hair and the colour could not take to my hair! with the possibility of leaving my hair dull and worn out I had to think long and hard of how I could get a way with it. Adding purple to my dark long locks without leaving it frizzled and dull.

I decided to go for ….. Extensions..

 How I wore my new hair to Work! Sophisticated, subtle and stylish!

Hair at the officeimage3IMG_9986Beautiful Hair image4 IMG_9987

I am a first timer at extensions with such a vibrant loud colour. This was the results. I am pleased to say I love the colour, love the way it feels and i’m happy that my hair has not been damaged at all! The other perks of these extensions is that you can change the colour of them to get a match to any colour your heart desires.  Bonus,I can now just change my extensions to any colour I feel comfortable with without having to dye it and damage it further!

Do let us know what you think ? Do they look like extensions? Would you feel better daring the new colour trends with extensions rather than dying your own hair ? Are you allowed coloured hair at your workplace?


-Love Brunettebee



  1. Hey, those look gorgeous. Do they hurt or do you feel some discomfort while wearing them?

    • The Working Bees

      Hey,thank you! No they do not hurt. The first day was little tight and felt heavy but now its completely normal,no discomfort or irritation.
      Now and again a little itch lol

      -love Brunettebee

  2. Looks nice but is this creates any damage to hairs?

    • The Working Bees

      As far as I know not if you look after them. If you do not take care and if you wear them for too long and neglect your real hair it can cause alopecia which is caused from neglect.
      On the bright side if you still oil your hair and wash it it regularly as per norm then it can actually help it grow 🙂 …

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