How to Live Without Dairy How hard can it be to avoid dairy in Dubai?

How to live without dairyThis is not the sort of topic I usually write about, but I feel I have found out something that could help others if I shared my experiences. I have recently discovered that I am allergic to diary.

I now have to avoid all products made from cow, sheep and goat milk! When I first found out this information, I thought it would be easy. I was wrong! As I returned home for my lunch I started to realise nearly everything I had in my house to eat had some ingredient that contains dairy.

The same happened when I was eating out I became one of those annoying people at restaurants asking the waiter 1000 questions about the menu.

How is the food prepared?

Do you use butter in the sauce?

I found it so frustrating. I was eating out at restaurants and half way through my meal realised it contained diary.  I have to avoid so much more than just milk:










The list is endless.

I was wondering how difficult can this be. I have decided to write about my journey to help others who might have the same problem as I do. If anyone has advice that would help me please feel free to get in touch.

I will keep you informed if I find any great places in Dubai that has a suitable menu for a dairy free lifestyle.

In the meantime, if anyone has any great recipes please let me know! Together we can make this a fun journey exploring a new way of eating 🙂

-Love Blondbee


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