How to Manage Work Life and Personal Passion A topic that helps the working women in Dubai balance their work life

Well here we are finally, after what seems to be way over due a blog post on why we just can not seem to make the time to do what love!

Blondebee and Brunettebee have recently or shall we say way more than recently taken on alot more responsibilities than we could imagine! Which we love and have prayed for but now we have found ourselves contradicted?

How did we get ourselves in a position where we are getting paid but not having the time to do what we love which is inspire you our readers…..sigh when life happens right!

To our #bossbabes if you hear us,we know you understand our conflict how do we manage work life and personal passion?

Please share your stories ? For instance we can not seem to take an anuual leave without receivng a call from work! I mean come on what does annual leave actually mean or is it just me I gotta ask myself?

We know we have to work to live in dubai and if not that then what is it we are supposed to be doing? I believe that we ought to work to pay our bills but we ought to live and I can only hope that be through our passion.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation, if so have you tried to change the situation so that you can balance work and passion?

Looking forward to hearing your lovely tips and advice which we so so clearly need.

Until then have a lovely day xo

-The Workingbees

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