How to Match the Right Bra A quick break down of wearing the right colour bras

Lately  I keep noticing women in the working world are wearing the wrong bra with their pretty tops. WHY???

I am not sure whether or not you know this or not but I feel as one working woman to another it is important to share what we know.

There is a fact that appears to be not so well known…… Transparent tops are not appropriate for the work place unless you are wearing a tank top that is your skin tone or the colour of your top. Please ladies lets not go to work showing off our bras. Why Do I keep seeing this? It’s not the etiquette anywhere let alone the UAE.

Easier said than done, so I have summed up everything you need to know (I hope that most of  you already know)  about how to match the right bra to your outfit. Right lets get started…

Your Guide on How to Match Your Bras

Lets begin with white:

This rule is pretty straight forward a black bra with a white top is a definite faux pas for your work wardrobe. I am actually shocked that I see this so much in the office.

This is not OK!

a)  You are not going out clubbing.

b) You are wearing white so of course we can see your bra

c) Following points a and b please do not try to think this will look cool in any office….. it does not !

What you should be wearing with white is a nude, the colour closet to your skin tone. Any other colour will show regardless of how thick the top is or how cool you think the pattern of your bra is. Please ladies do not wear any other colour besides a nude I believe white does not work either! Why? Whites do not always match and have a habit of looking dull so best to stick to nude colours.

Picking  a Nude:

I know that we all come in lovely different shades. I would wear a different nude to Blondebee or Busybee but to help you pick the correct colour ensure that it is not just any other nude bra but a nude bra for your skin it must match closet to your skin tone. Otherwise it defeats its purpose of being a nude bra.

If you do  not own a plain simple nude bra invest now!

What about black?

A black bra is a definite staple piece any working woman needs to have in all shapes and forms you just have to keep stocking up with black bras! With black it’s easy to wear under most colours especially the dark colours like navy blue, maroon, green etc.

Now because we are strictly talking about bra etiquette for work lets just rule out that sheer black blouse you started thinking about,thinking yes I can wear my black bra with my sheer top to work! (No you can not you can not wear any top that is deliberately showing your bra in the office it is not professional) I actually cannot believe I am having to write this but I am seeing it!

So if you really want to wear your sheer top to work then please do your self a favour an invest in a black tank/vest top to go with the bra.

I do not care how gorgeous your sheer top is and no one at work cares either if your bra is on display you look like you are unable to read the situation. Plus it is just disrespectful. Please be mindful, have fun with your tops but please lets be conscious of our bras.

Tank/Vest Tops

I have included the tank top staples that you must ensure you have in your work wardrobe. These will easily become your best friend especially in this heat in Dubai we all would love to wear sheer light fabrics but with the right underwear we can surely look professional without making a complete fashion faux par.

Tank tops must haves:




If you want to be brave you can add a colour to complement your sheer blouses. With a white or cream blouse you could add a pastel tank top in the following colours:




As usual I hope this post was helpful for  you and that you remember the correct bras with the right blouses and tops.

If you feel like something is missing please feel free to drop the comment below. We always love to chat!

Stay fashionable and enjoy your working week ahead.

Love always



  1. This blog strikingly reminds me of someone I used to work with. Well said Brunette Bee!

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