How to Rejuvenate your Clothes

Who doesn’t like buying new clothes? I love the whole experience from shopping, trying items on till the first wear.However I see all too many of us forget about what we already have. Have you ever looked through all your wardrobe and found a top you completely forgot about? You put it on and it feels like you have a new piece of item!!

You always have something to work with in your current wardrobe and their is so much you can do before you go out spending more money on clothes. It is also much more sustainable to recycle your clothes. There is always something you can do with you old dresses, skirts or tops! Remember you loved it once so why can you not love it again?

Make do and Mend

I see friends throw out clothes because they have a slight tare or a button missing. That is madness! You can easily sew on a button or sew a seem up, it doesn’t take long.  If you really struggle with sewing then you are in luck. You live in Dubai and there are so many talented tailors that are talented and reasonably priced. Take your self down there and get it fixed.


How to mend your clothes

Dye It

Sometimes a change of colour is all an skirt, top or dress can need. There are so many easy kits you can get that you can use at home. You can even use them in your washing machine. Just make sure you do a cycle after you have died your item to make sure you get any excess dye out of the machine before you do your normal washing load. Remember that it is always easier to dye light colours to dark than the reverse.

Cut It Up

If you haven’t worn an item in more than a year then why not cut it up? See what else you can get out of it. Make trousers into  shorts, or a dress into a skirt or top. The worst you can get out if it a belt or hairband. If you do not feel brave enough then take it down to Satwa and get the tailor to do it for you.

Add a Bit of Detail

Why not add some funky buttons or change the buttons to a zip? Adding lace is another way to add some cute detail to jeans or a dress.


Have some fun with your wardrobe.

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-Love Blondebee



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