How to Revamp your Work Style this Ramadan Stay Stylish in the office this Ramadan with our top tips.

For some of us ladies this Ramadan will be our first or may be  it is your second, third or fourth. Either way it does get a little difficult to slam an outfit together for work as we are required to be more respectful  towards the culture in Dubai and the U.A.E. Ramadan is a time for modesty and we need to reflect that in how we dress as well during the holy month. This still means you can be stylish with your wear and we will show you how.

With all the pressure we may begin to lose our knack of stylish togetherness. This happens to the best of us. Last year looking back at all my Ramadan I feel I failed in my outfit choices! I decided to put together a nice little way of of how to stay stylish and in keeping with Ramadan. All of my tips are easy to follow (adding a little extra scarf or stocking to your usual work wear). This way we do not actually have to waste time considering a whole new outfit or look, we will just be tweaking your outfits with a little extra touch. SCORE! You do not have to go splurging on anything it is all coming from the things you already have. We are working with the staple pieces you have in your wardrobe already. Some of these items you can keep to hand near the door for that speedy exit we do while leaving our homes.Revamp your Style

Brunettebees’ Top Styling Tips for Ramadan

  • Scarfs: All colours,shapes and sizes will do. The longer the better. The detailed the better.
  • Blazers: Preferably the lose fitting blazer not the tailored suits its way too hot to be rocking a tailored suit or tailored anything during Ramadan.
  • Tank Top: They are great to wear under more transparent clothing Spare one in the bag (If you use public transport or walk) It gets so hot so better to have one that you use while traveling in the heat and a fresh one once you arrival. (Stay Fresh in the heat)
  • Long Dresses: V Necks are fine, as you can throw your pashmina or scarf over your shoulder so do not think to much about it, Length is key in Ramadan. Plus a dress helps speeds up your morning routine as you do not have to match tops etc.
  • Long Maxi Skirts: These work great in the “nothing above the knee rule” so bring those gorgeous maxi skirts out.Same goes for Maxi Skirts as the Long dress great with Tank tops just slam a scarf in a different style over your tank top.
  • Jumpsuits: These are my favourite during Ramadan. Opt for the longer, shoulder covering jumpsuits. If you only have short sleeves one pieces, that’s ok, just add a scarf! We are making full use of our scarfs this season!
  • Pallazo Pants: Bring out those pallazo/ culotte pants you have. They are trending and are the best piece to have this  month! Lets call this our staple piece for Ramadan

  • Pants:  Ideally in any work place you should really avoid tight pants it just looks tacky. Just remember  it is Ramadan avoid wearing clothes that are skin tight. Try wearing one size up, it also helps in the heat.
  • Shirts: Lets avoid white since most people forget to consider their bra so lets go for shirts that are darker but still summer shades. Wear maroon, navy, pink, peach just no see through attire please-  no see through!
  • Tops: Aim for your tops that are loose and high neck rather than low neck. In fact how about we lose the low necks completely for this month.
  • Makeup: Lets keep it simple and elegant ladies no need to draw attention with bright red lips during this time opt for nudes. After all you say it best with less.
  • Colour: For some reason women tend to be wearing all black during this time. You can wear colour; try to brighten your day a little not set yourself for a funeral. (Not saying do not wear black but remember it is the hottest time of the year for us in the Middle East best to avoid colours that absorb more heat)
  • Shoes: Luckily you can not go wrong with your shoes but try to opt for open pretty sandals too avoid sweaty feet. With the extra material we will be adding to our norm attire lets reduce where we can!
  • Deodorant: Stick to long lasting 48 hour deodorants keep them handy in your bag more now than ever. It gets really hot and like I said wearing scarfs and extra clothing we are going to feel the heat way more.
  • Wet wipes: Keep them handy just to cool you down when you feel a little flustered.
  • Toothbrush: Maybe pack your toothbrush since you will not be able to chew on a mint or gum and mouth odour comes from being closed for long periods. Smelly breath during this time is common do not be adding to the volume of pollution.

-Love Brunettebee

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