How to Save Your Make up in Dubai’s Heat This is how to avoid your face looking like it has melted this summer

So we can all feel the temperature is rising in Dubai. Summer is coming and we are getting ready to wear sweat along with our outfits! The time of year is approaching where as soon as you step outside in Dubai you feel like you have a hair dryer in front of your face. This does not bode well for our make up. It just melts off your face and you look like you are made of wax. Not great when you want to look professional and fresh at work. We have the perfect product for you that will avoid this disaster!

If you are like me I cannot avoid wearing make up to work. Every-time I give my skin a breather from wearing make up in the office I always have people ask me “Are you OK?” or “Are you ill?”. Therefore the clients would think this too. If I have a big meeting I love putting on just a little bit of make up to look more presentable.

If I am trying to pitch to clients that I can look after their products then I need to look like I am looking after myself.

This is your ANSWER ladies….

For fresh Eyes:

Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant

To keep your make up in place all day:

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix

These products are your basic tools to make your look fresh for work through the summer.

In 1984, MAKE UP FOR EVER was created by Professor Dany Sanz. She is one talented lady with the quality of products that have an air of french sophistication. You will love all their products but these are the must haves from this make up collection.

This Mascara is great for brightening up any eyes. It adds the perfect amount of black to your lashes without making them look to heavy. It is also very easy to remove at the end of the day.

Mascara by make up forever



This fix spray is the most amazing thing. After you have applied your make up in the morning, spray this over your face with the bottle placed a few inches away. It helps your make up stay fixed and is moisturising too. Helping you avoid that dry look through out the day. I often spray it again at lunch time as I find the harsh air conditioning in the office often dries out my skin.



These are your essential beauty products to get you through the Dubai Summer!

-Love Blondebee


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