How to Stay Fit and Healthy at The Desk If you spend the day at a desk, then you need to get moving!

As working women  it often means we spend most of our day at a desk.  Sometimes going hours before we stand up and  at  our feet. This often leaves us feeling lethargic, stiff and with little to no movements to burn off any calories. Working in a small office like us, things like walking to make a cup of tea is literally in arms reach.  So, we spoke to a top personal trainer in Dubai to show us how we can stay fit at the office without having to go to the gym.

Working a 9-5, commuting in traffic, along with catching up with family leaves us with little time for the gym. For those of you who do manage to keep up the gym routine, we are proud of you, but this is for the ladies who just do not have the time!  So we are bringing the gym to your desk! This is how you can work out at your desk, you can thank us later;)


Desk Push Ups

Hold on to your desk for support drop down and give us some push ups.

(Preferably when your colleagues are out to lunch and you are alone)

Make sure your back is straight and you hands are shoulder width apart.

Bend your arms and lower your chest to the desk.

straighten your arms to raise your chest back to the starting position.

Make sure your back is straight at all times

Tighten that core for the full effect!

desk3 desk4 desk5


Yes, lets get creative and use our water bottles as weights and do some standard bicep curls.

Hold an equal weight in both arms with your palms facing the ceiling

Bring your elbows tight to your waist.

Start with your arms straight and bend from the elbow raising your hands towards your chest

Then gently lower your hands back down towards the starting position.


Try and do 50 through out the day

desk7 desk8 desk9 desk10 desk11

Chair Lunge

One foot forward while the opposite leg placed on the chair.

Hands placed on the hips with neutral spine.

Slowly initiate the bending down the knee that is attached to the chair into a 45 degree

and return to normal position

You can take off your heels for this!

Make way for the perfect pins!


Chair Squats & Tricep Dips

They are not as scary as they sound promise!

These are two ways you can use your chair rather than just sitting on it.

Chair Squats

Raise your hands to your head

Tighten your core

Use your legs to push you to the standing position

Sit back down without using your hands

Tricep Dips

Hands positioned at the tip of  your chair behind your hips.

Legs and Knees at 45 Degrees

Initiate hips slowly dropping down and return to the starting position

Bench Dips for Triceps giving you beautiful arms!

Helps  firm any flabby wobble..


If you would like to get more active then get in touch with Paul Vills our very own personal trainer. He is amazing! One highly qualified trainer that satisfies clients interests in reaching their fitness goals.

You can get in touch with Paul on 0504093889 0r [email protected]

Thank you so much Paul for making a great model and helping us bring the gym to work.

Love The Working Bees


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