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I am big on ‘up styles’ for my hair at work. I love them because it means my hair is fixed in one place for the day and I can get on with my passion. However I know thousands of women are doing this the wrong way!

From the age of 5 I have always had to have my hair pinned up for dance shows. My hair couldn’t move while I was on stage but had to be in various styles between scenes. Over 16 years of experience help me to be creative with my hair. I then went on to work for a company where image was everything and your hair needed to be ‘up’ at all times.

Many of you, like me, will have use hair grips to hold hair in place. These tiny pieces of metal can help mould our barrettes into beautiful and practical displays.

The frustrating thing is I see woman not using them in the right way. Do you know if you are?

Do your hair grips constantly fall out? Do you lose a lot of them? Does your beautiful French pleat drop but the time time you walk out the door? Β Then it could be down to the fact you are not using your tools in the right way. The top one bring the hair grip:


How to use a hair grip

How to use a hair grip


As seen in this picture the smooth edge of the bobby pin should be away from your skull not agaisnt it. The rough edge should be on you skull as it a better chance of gripping more if your hair. Trust me try it this way and you will see your hair will stay in place for much longer


Keep an eye out this week for my top ten tips to help with up styles for your hair.

Love Blondebee

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