How to Wear Denim to Work Elegantly Adding denim to a staple skirt can be fun and modern.

In today’s modern world of evolving fashion trends we understand how daunting the idea can be of trying out a certain trend. Working in an office job you may feel no need to indulge in the latest fashion craze. In your day to day life at the office, you see the same faces everyday and tend to somewhat get lost in the same routine. By lost I mean in terms of forgetting that you can mix things up now and then. Why not try adding denim to your work outfits? There are so many ways you can wear denim. It is a fun and versatile fabric the fashion designers have been using for years. From bags, to shirts and pants, denim is simply everywhere! So have fun and it simply does not matter if you see the same faces everyday that is no reason to not try something new!

You can see how big my smile is just by glancing through the photographs, that is because I love to have fun with my day to day life. I walk though that same office door and start the same routine every day. Trying something new makes me happy. Just by adding denim to one of my favourite skirts from Ted Baker really did make my day so much better. It started me off in a positive frame of mind for my day ahead.

Try it! Mix some DENIM in your outfits.

Denim is not all about jeans, it can look elegant and modern too. Why not strut your stuff with me this week and try something new! Use our #JUSTBEE to share with us what you tried this week. I am not saying go out and try all the latest trends but if you can why not! I hope you had fun and I left you inspired to spruce up your working closet no need to be making a uniform of your clothes when you do not have one, you feel me ?

What I am wearing

Skirt from: Ted Baker

Top from: DKNY

Handbag from: Michael Kors

Shoes from: DiorΒ  ( I would not wear these to work, try to look for something in a similar colour from Β Aldo or Steve Madden)

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Love Brunettebee.

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