How to Wear Eyeliner at Work Eyeliner in the workplace and how to rock it.


Eye liner is an amazing tool to help you eyes stand out. However, a tool in the wrong hands can cause disaster. How you apply your make up for work is not the same for a night on town.

Make up can make you look well groomed and presentable at work but its important to get it right. Do not over do it as you will like you are trying to get a date rather than close a sales pitch.

Follow our top tips and make sure you are not making anyΒ of these faux pas when it comes to wearing eyeliner at work.Β 

Do not cover your whole eye

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This is how ‘not’ to wear your eyeliner for work. Save it for ladies night. Think eye liner is used to make your eyes stand out and make an impact. At work you do not want to look like you are caked in make-up. You want to look presentable and like you are ready to do business not like you are going dancing.


Single lines

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To get a softer look but still make you eyes stand out use a soft gel pencil and just go along the top lash line. leave the bottom lash line bear. This is perfect for creating that sparkling eye look with looking like you have tried to hard. You can do this with a black or brown pencil.

When your eyeliner is on point, your life is on point.


Make sure you blend your eyeliner with a smaller blender brush, you can pick these up from most beauty shops. It just makes your eyes seem that little bit softer, giving off a more elegant and natural look for the workplace.

Top Tip- If you do not have an eyeliner to hand use a small make up brush and use your black/brown eye shadow as eyeliner. If you need a slightly sharper look then wet the brush with water before applying the colour.

-Love The Working Bees

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