How to Wear Your Wedding Dress to Work Yes you have read the title right. I have worn my wedding dress to work....

For many women their wedding dress is more than likely the most expensive item of clothing they will ever buy. It is a dress you think about for a long time. The colour, shape, fit and material of it. Most wedding dresses are made of some of the most exquisite materials such as lace or fine silk. You feel like a million dollars in your wedding dress. After your wedding day what do you do with this beautiful dress? Why not cut it up?

After you have celebrated your wedding day most women pay for a company to pack away their beautiful gowns into a box and then they/we store it away never to be seen again. Some Woman decide to sell their wedding gowns which is also useful as it is not wasted.If you are one of the lucky ones maybe your daughter might wear it? Chances are styles will change and our dress will not be favourable when this time comes. Why not cut your wedding dress up and re-work it into a new skirt/top or dress for your wardrobe ? The simplest thing to do would be to just make a short dress. You may even dye it a different colour. My wedding dress was made out of this stunning Damask English silk and designer by Alan Hannah. It was too beautiful not to be worn more than once plus recycling  always has its benefits.

I decided to make a dress and a skirt out of my wedding dress. I cut it straight across the middle and sent the bottom half to be re-worked into a simple A-Line skirt. Complete with an underskirt that was part of the original dress. That night I handed it over to the tailor I had a restless nights  sleep. I was questioning myself as to if I had done the right thing.

I then plan to turn the top half into a dress. The top half of that dress would be made form my wedding dress and then I would add a different texture/material  to make the skirt. In an ideal world I would like to dye the top half black. I will let you know how that turns out.  I am delighted with my A-Line skirt which I have worn to work and on social occasions. You will feel so confident in your new outfit as it still feels special when ever I wear my wedding dress in its new form!

Please feel brave enough to do the same. You will create a unique piece for your wardrobe and get the chance to wear your wedding dress again.

Send us your pictures if you do…we will post them on Instagram to share with other women.

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