Inspiration For What to Wear at The Office We are going to show you how to wear that trendy dress to work

No need to continue wondering if you look over dressed in the office. Let me remind you of a conversation I had with Blondbee not so long ago about whether it is better to overdress or to underdress.

The truth is as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing then nothing else matters. So stop wasting so much thought on those gorgeous trendy new dresses you keep walking past in the mall. We have the perfect inspiration for your work outfits this week.

My mum always says if you see something you like then buy it! I could not agree any more because honestly you do not want to miss out on buying a great outfit. Several times I have walked passed something I really liked then decided to “think about it” and then go back later to buy it. However, I only left disappointed ย due to:

a) It has been sold out


b) They do not have my size anymore

Nothing haunts us more than the things we did not buy!

Anyway enough blabbling from me, here is one of my ย latest pieces from DKNY and I am just loving the military style at the moment! This is a khaki dress with a ย matching belt and I have pieced it with my new favourite Michael Kors bag because lets just be honest the colour of this bag is amazing! Together with a pair of booties from Dune that I grabbed on sale, lucky me! While this dress is gorgeous for the office it is also a great desk to dinner piece for after work drinkies too, you can also wear a cute pair of pumps if you are not in the mood to be trotting around the office on heels.


I hope you have a lovely work week and remember…………dress for success!

If you are looking for a full week of inspiration be sure to check out our work wear look booksย !

Let me know if you would wear this to work I would so love to hear your thoughts, and if not tell me why by leaving a comment:)

Love always Brunettebee


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