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Welcome back to the Interview Series in this post we get all sophisticated on what to wear to an Interview.

We put together 4 possible Interview looks that could work for most roles.

Keeping in mind a few things when going for an Interview.

Skirt Length?

Shirt is it ironed?

White Shirt? Make sure you do your makeup before!

Your shirt started to get creased as you spent so much time all dressed up, best thing to do is grab a blazer and throw it over you good to go! This happened to me in my last Interview and I literally had no time I wanted to cry I quickly grabbed a nice blazer and voila! No one even noticed! In fact I landed that job 😉

Always try not to get overwhelmed when getting ready just think smart and you will be fine. By thinking smart I mean you are not going for a make up role so please do not go over caking your face. I see this happen way too much that just shows you spend way too much time on your looks.

We want enough time spent on our looks to show that we are neat professional and serious.

Allocate enough time for your makeup 10 minutes I would say.

Then start planning the night before at least 2 outfits incase something happens in the morning.

Make sure you try the looks on together to make sure they look good.

Try not to go for a very high heel keep it at 4 inch unless you are really short..

Also it is okay to wear a flat shoe to the Interview as long as they are smart.

Yes even though you emailed your CV you need to take at least 2 printed copies.

Allocate travel time to your interview. e.g.: interview is @9 leave the house at 8:15am just incase something happens.

Arrive to early read your CV over and practice answering the question? So who are you?

Not really who are you but you need to tell us about who you are and how you acquired these skills that we should hire you… You catch my drift its not really about who you are…

Have any questions I did not answer?

As we are busy with creating video content and would love to make sure we are giving you what you are looking for.

Leave some questions in the comment section that you might have?

We will make sure we answer them.

What did you think about these looks for an Interview?

As always

Love Brunettebee





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