Is Maldives the Most Luxurious Holiday Destination A review of the Maldives at Anantara Veli Resort

Maldives is nothing short of the most quintessential holiday destination once you have visited you will have the “Maldives sickness”. (I will explain this later) First thing I would  like to make clear is that Maldives is not only for getting engaged or honeymooning,  it’s so much more! When someone says they are travelling to the Maldives lets think beyond all the amazing romantic gestures that do happen, what about the adventure!



Last year travelling to the Maldives my  dive master laughed as I told her it was my first dive, she then went on to say ‘once you dive here prepare for ‘Maldives sickness’. I did not think anything of it at the time until I returned to the Maldives!

Well now a year later and my third time at the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort ( a true definition of luxury with a homely element to greet you ) It was now starting to make sense what the ‘sickness’ was. You start to understand that no other diving destination or experience will live up to what these stunning group of islands have to offer. (Honestly I think we need to put the “Maldives sickness”definition in urban dictionary)

Since 2015, I  have been on a journey of discovery diving. Since the first dive in the Maldives it has been hard to find another destination that comes close to it. It is the royalty of dive destinations.

So you probably figured out that this is my third time to the Maldives because of diving yes but why the Anantara 3 times ? Good question…

For those of you who are yet to travel to this paradise, it is a South Asian Island country formed by over 26 atolls (many small islands dispersed across the ocean). The resorts all have their own atoll island so basically if you book any resort in the Maldives  you will be on their Atoll.

Maldives is 90 percent water you are either in it, around, or under it

So each resort has their own island not all islands are the same size therefore when picking your resort be sure to have a good look at the island size because it can get somewhat boring (some have said but not for me its never boring in the Maldives) which is why we love Anantara.. Anantara has 4 atolls offering you 3 to choose from  1 to picnic on 1 island is purely known as the honeymoon island which does not allow children called Veli. The other is Dhigu which is huge and offers a wide variety of activities for children its like the dream destination for children boasting a gorgeous beach which of course allows children if you opt for either you have access to both islands at Veli or Dhigu which is one of the many reasons I enjoyed staying at Anantara because of the endless holiday options.





We were on an island but it felt much bigger since every time we had a dive we had to go to the other island and on a jetty making it seem some what bigger than it actually was.

We stayed in a gorgeous deluxe over water pool bungalow which gives you the true Maldives vibe. If you are booking a trip here you just have to have a room over the water. it’s a given! In our case we love to have privacy and so we enjoyed the extra necessity of an infinity pool with infinite panoramic views of turquoise waters I mean just look at this view!

The Maldives oozes  luxury like nowhere else and I have experienced my fair share of luxury travel. Take this for example arriving at Anantara Veli for the third time we did not need to check in we were greeted by our house host who basically takes care of anything an everything you will need for the duration of your stay his like a butler but they call them your house host which is so chic.You are given a little Nokia that literally never dies and manages to last in rain (don’t ask) with your house hosts number so at any time you need something you just call him up and consider it done.



After travelling to a few islands the food choice is limited and your expectations should not be too high, however not at Anantara Veli! A variety of choices from steak sandwiches at the bar to Japanese Teppanyaki (such fun) to having an Italian restaurant meant all your taste buds are met on this haven.


Diving is honestly 5 star nothing and no where else has managed to wow us as Maldives always does we managed to do a few open water courses as well which was a fun activity to add to our diving skills. On route to our dive sites we spotted a few dolphins and eagle rays flying above water which was truly epic.

We spent most of our time under water and if we were not under we booked a treatment at  the Sundari spa which is truly magnificent with a wide variety of massages to choose from. I tried the Ayuverda treatment for the first time and it was truly bliss (also known as indian head masssage with hot oil).  On other days we optd for the spa at Dhigu which allows you the luxury of seeing fish pass by every now and again as you lay down the view is of the water it is purely something to try..

Honestly after this holiday and this experience I am not quite sure there is ever going to be anything as amazing as this experience.maldives9maldoves16

A few common questions answered if you are thinking of splashing out on a luxurious stay:

  1.  Should you go here for your honeymoon ? Yes
  2. Do you need to go as a couple ? No, you would ultimately have the same amount of fun as a group. I can imagine having fun with family here
  3. Other activities? Parasailing, snorkeling, dolphin spotting, fishing, jet skiing, photoshoot, spa day, swimming, volleyball, sun bathing and catching up on a good book.
  4.  Visa? Most countries do not need a visa. (Zimbabwe and Sudan do not need visas)
  5. Flights? Emirates have direct flights to Male.3 hr flight time with 1 hour time difference (from Dubai).  Most resorts will arrange a boat or a sea plane to collect you from the main airport.
  6. Currency? Everything is in US dollars
  7. Value for money ? Maldives is extremely expensive. The hotel,  food, spas and anything you can think of….its a luxury stay so expect to pay quite a penny more
  8.  Diving? The best! Great value for the entire dive everything you see is wonderful. I have spotted see eagle rays, turtles, sting rays, reef sharks and hammer head sharks, dolphins, nemos, Dorys and more
  9.  What to pack ? Lots of bikinis, shorts  add a dress or two for the evening.





-Love always Brunettebee


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